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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vasily Volga

A big person. Turchynov. He promised to shoot Ukrainians just for even a “hint” of cooperation with Russia. For example, someone will hint that in the queue you treaded on his toes, and that’s all. Execution. Perhaps, it will seem to some even ridiculous, as today one “expert” said: “all of this is a joke, all of this is trolling”, ha-ha-ha… Well, why pay attention to it? Maybe it is indeed amusing. But to me it seems that it is fear-inducing.

There is one old, very old person, who saw all the horrors of Auschwitz, and who lived almost up to hundred years of age arduously, because it is difficult to live in a society of people WHEN YOU HAVE CEASED TO BELIEVE IN PEOPLE. So this old person said:

“If you are told that they will kill you, believe them. Don’t be as naive as we were, when we said to each other that none of this can be serious. Don’t be like us when we said to each other that it is just politics; that politicians are just obliged to speak in such a simple way about this due to the political genre – and after all, it is said by actual people; that in reality they can’t desire death to the same people that they are, just for the fact that we have another religion, speak in another language, or think differently. Believe them.

They will start killing you relentlessly. And then, if you have the force and determination, take a gun and kill them first. If you don’t have such determination, then take your children and flee. Run without looking back, otherwise you will be burned in the furnaces of Auschwitz the same as they burned us”.

How to respond to the elderly person? It is very difficult to withstand Ukrainian Nazism when it is supported by “all progressive mankind”. America, Germany, England, all! Today they support Ukrainian Nazism as amicably as they once supported German Nazism. Let there be fascism, let there be the “House of Trade Unions”, let there be Nazism, let there be Bandera, let there be the murders of writers and politicians, let there be prisons crammed with political prisoners, let all of blessed-by-God Ukraine burn in flames, as long as it is against Russia, as long as it is against Russians.

Shoot everyone. And proof isn’t necessary. Hints are enough. The most important thing is that “progressive mankind” will support it!

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