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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The People’s Deputy Andrey Ilyenko demands to take the most drastic measures for the elimination of “sprouts of separatism” in the Odessa region.

Ilyenko stated this at a briefing in parliament.

The reason for the statement was the actions on the day of liberation of Odessa, during which the inhabitants of Odessa, despite the attempts of “Euromaidan” activists to prevent them, laid flowers at the monument to the Unknown sailor and other monuments. Kirilenko characterized these actions as “absolutely separatist”.

“The central power, if in general it exists, has to intervene in the situation that has occurred in Odessa. We demand the cleansing of separatist spawn in Ukraine that has burrowed itself in the regions, and waits for a suitable chance for revenge,” stated the People’s Deputy.

“Today it is a tendency — adhesion of locals, very often Ukraine-phobic, the authorities with criminals, with thugs and with local law enforcement bodies who form such anti-Ukrainian syndicate,” considers Kirilenko.

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