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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The North Atlantic Alliance after the disintegration of the Soviet Union planned to divide Russia into small parts. Documents about this are stored in an archive of domestic intelligence, said the veteran of the Russian deep-cover intelligence in the “News on Saturday” program with Sergey Brilev.

The report, broadcasted on the air of the program, was dated for the 95th anniversary of the “S” directorate (illegals intelligence) of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Sergey Brilev interviewed a veteran of deep-cover intelligence, who obtained especially classified documents of NATO. The face of the intelligence agent wasn’t shown, and their voice was changed, in the report he is named “Pavel Andreevich” – named after the main character of the well-known Soviet series about intelligence “The Adjutant of His Excellency”.

“And then to create the North Volga Russian Republic, and then the Middle Volga Republic, and to reduce all of Russia to the level and size of the Moscow principality,” wrote RIA Novosti from the words of the intelligence agent. He noted that such documents exists.

“Pavel Andreevich” also mentioned that work in deep-cover intelligence is not a profession, but a real self-sacrifice – everything should be brought to the alter of the Motherland. He reported that among deep-cover agents there are “humanists and technicians”, including engineers of the aviation industry, engineers-physicists, chemists.

According to the veteran, the deep-cover agent must know several languages and “get used” to the image of a citizen of the country that they work in. This process, according to him, demands knowledge of the finest details. “What songs my mother sang to me at night, what rhymes I learned at school,” said “Pavel Andreevich”.

He said that he would establish monuments to still-living female illegal immigrants, because they often have to leave their children.

“Pavel Andreevich” said that his children were told that “father needs to paint a series of pictures about seamen, about submariners in the north, and then about pilots”.

He also said that he happened to experience an acute sense of homesickness, when it happens it’s very hard on the soul. “You are absolutely very far from home, but you have to follow the path to this document marked ‘Cosmic’ (a signature stamp higher than ‘top secret’),” he added.

The interview with “Pavel Andreevich” is shown in the video below after the 33rd minute of the “News on Saturday” program.

Earlier on Saturday the President Vladimir Putin said that his work in the KGB of the USSR was connected with illegals intelligence; according to the head of state, deep-cover agents are “people with a special quality, special beliefs, it is a person with a particular stamp of character“.

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  • Vtran

    Well same needs to happen to U$ America and every Hato country !

  • sepheronx

    Funny thing is, while the US and NATO tried to split Russia apart, in the end, they helped create a unity in Russia with a growing symbolism of “Russian”. I don’t think the nation of Russia has ever been this united in a long time (Popular support for Putin, growing support for more regions wanting to unite with Russia, far east gaining new investments and development, demand for more bridges connecting the far eastern islands to mainland Russia, etc).

    All the while, in the US, you got a growing sentiment for separatism in both Texas and California. I guess they didn’t expect that to happen. In western european countries, many regions are in conflict with the central government over the whole migration issue. In Russia? Nothing. Maybe the odd ISIS terrorist attempt in Ingushetia which has always been plagued by foreign terrorists. But for the most part, it sounds like Russia is a far happier place than before.

  • Vtran

    U$ Americans illegal sanctions (supported by rest of 5 eyes, eu) had the opposite affect … RF / Russians do not trust /want anything from the West … Own goal, big time !

    As to terrorists in Asia, RF, China etc … they are all U$ american citizens / Pro U$ american citizens working for U$ america CIA agency

    Both Texas, California were stolen as was Hawaii so not surprizing that they want to be away