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Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman hopes that the Verkhovna Rada will support the pension reform. He stated this during a conversation with representatives of regional media on Friday, reports the channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to the Prime Minister, next week the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will bring together the national council on reforms, where basic provisions of pension reform will be discussed.

“And then we will go with it to parliament. But we have already announced our main proposals,” emphasised Groisman.

Pension reform will be carried out taking into account the demands of the IMF for a reduction of the inflow of pensioners into the pension system. For this purpose it is planned as of 2018 every year for ten years to raise the minimum insurance period to qualify for a pension. Now such experience has to equal to 25 years, and in ten years to reach 35 years for each worker who applies for pension.

At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers proposed to lower the coefficient of pension claimants, after which pensioners will receive a pension that is not 60% of a salary, which is it now, but only 40%. The IMF agreed with a such proposal.

Earlier the Cabinet of Ministers carried out a presentation on healthcare reform in parliament, bypassing the special-purpose committee on health protection. For a basic agreement a parliamentary committee on social policy was assigned. Most likely, the position of the committee in the event of pension reform won’t contradict the desires of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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