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Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The shocking video of the morning workout in a kid’s camp, which is aided by an assault rifle held by a Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi from Ternopil, cannot leave any parent feeling indifferent.

First, we see one how of the kids squatting in line, obviously as punishment, after which the neo-Nazi, aiming the gun at the children, commands them to spread out in a line an arm’s width apart.

Judging by the trembling kids, the morning is cold. One of the kids is wrapped in a blanket, which a neo-Nazi with a harsh tone forces him to remove it: “Hey, Blondie, you will not need the blanket.”

Until the end of the workout, he didn’t aim the sight of the gun away from the children.

Apparently, the “counselor” is Ternopil nationalist and neo-fascist Nikolai Marko, a former member of the punisher operation in Donbass.

On his social network profile, he posted photos from the kids camp.

According to available information, these children are from Mariupol, in this case, the cruelty becomes clear: potential separatists, according to Ukrainian followers of Azman and the background von Schirach, are in need of rehabilitation.




“I did it – 34 hours of patience and here it is.”



“Love is to bury the body of a separatist together”


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  • strav

    Sick bastard weres the fsb when u need them to take him out!