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By Ollie Richardson
Arabic translated by Sufyan Jan

On September 1st, the notorious Soros-funded al-Qaeda affiliate NGO “White Helmets” had to rush to Hama, because the Russian airforce engaged Al Qaeda positions. In the video below the usual rigmarole can be seen – unidentified people being carried on stretchers, a white van waiting nearby to take “victims” away, and an artificial sense of panic being portrayed.

The creator of the video – pro-Jihad “SMAART news agency” – gave their own version of events:

“Regime air forces on Thursday committed a massacre, killing 50 civilians and injuring tens of others, by targeting refugees on their way from Suran to Al-Lataminah in Hama, and others heading to Khan Shaykhun in Idlib, with additional raids on Suran and Kafr Zita. Our Reporter on the ground relayed to us that regime air forces targeted a group of refugees from the cities of Suran and Taibat al-Imam on their way to Al-Lataminah, on the Kafr-Zita to Taibat al-Imam highway resulting in the deaths of more than 40 civilians and tens of wounded, the count can still get higher as the medical assistance has not finished counting and gathering the wounded and the bodies of the dead.

One civilian has died, with six injured children all from Suran as they were targeted by Syrian air force on the southern gate of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib’s countryside, according to civil defense units in the province. Russian air force also bombed Suran and Kafr-Zita on Wednesday and Thursday night which resulted in the deaths and injuries of many civilians without yet having an exact number according to the civil defense in the province, with still to this moment there civilians trapped under rubble.

Also regime air force has bombed Lutmein cross roads in Suran resulting in the deaths of 9 civilians, according to civil defense units. These raids come after advances made by military units (rebels) in Hama, and their control over new strategic points 2 days after initiating ” Battle of Liberation” in the Northern Idlib province.”

The usual questions arise: what are A) “civilians” doing so close to Jihadists, B) the White Helmets doing so close to Jihadists, especially near the site where the “FSA” umbrella is present, and C) where were the White Helmets during the US airstrike on Manbij?

The answers are in the questions, of course.


The 2015 award winners with Andreas Klauser, interim CEO of Magirus, and the White Helmets.


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