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By Ollie Richardson

The left-right paradigm that has dominated the post World War I space is merely a tool used by the London-Washington axis to keep its population hostage. Anyone who doesn’t abide by this broken model is called “extremist” and a whole host of other nonsensical slurs.

The following text is a translation of what the President of Poitiers University in France sent via email on April 28th to 26,000 students and 3,000 staff members:

“On 25th April, the bureau of the Conference of University Presidents called to vote against the ‘extremism that the nomination’ of Madame Le Pen bears, a call that I support.”

Yves Jean, President of the University of Poitiers, explained in an e-mail sent to all staff and students that it is the choice of the President of “the University founded in 1431, whose richness is the presence for many decades of more than 4,000 international students, who made the choice to pursue their studies in Poitiers, originating from 122 countries, at a university where a policy of international solidarity again recently manifested itself in the reception of student Syrian refugees after the support to students and colleagues in Haiti.”

“Thanks to the professional engagement of each and every one of you, our university is international, consolidated and civilly responsible; in light of this, it is evident that there must be a barrier to the candidacy of Marine Le Pen, whose project is totally the opposite not only to this opening to the dissemination of knowledge to the greatest number, to citizenship, to Europe, and to the world, but at the same time to the University’s academic values and traditions, in which tolerance occupies an essential place”.

There are two main flagrant violations of logic featured in this email, both highlighted in red.

Firstly, according to the University’s President, voting for Marine Le Pen is bad because she is “extremist”. But what does this liberal trigger word really mean? Well, to offer an insight into what this riddle may entail, the following article entitled “Le Pen and the Rise of French Extremism” may be of some use:

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has tried hard to shed the anti-Semitic baggage of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front party, who once called the Holocaust a “detail of history.”

So already it is clear that this word “extremist” doesn’t actually refer to Marine herself, but to her Father, who has absolutely nothing to do with her campaign. It would appear that this word is in fact a proxy for “Holocaust”, or to be more precise – “Nazi”. Given that Putin is regularly called “Nazi” by the western press, it is clear that it has become like a tourette’s tick. But what about the current Ukrainian “government”? They literally glorify Hitler’s collaborators who burnt, raped, and maimed Jews, but the President of Poitiers University doesn’t seem to acknowledge this fact. And what about America and Britain, who invested so much in the Third Reich – is the Queen also “extremist”? Apparently not…

Another insight into the definition of this bizarre word is this article entitled “French politicians immediately call on voters to block ‘extremist’ Le Pen”:

“There’s no choice but to vote against the extreme right. I will vote in favour of Emmanuel Macron,” he told his downbeat supporters.

Now it is possible to see that the word “extremist/extremism” has a variant – “extreme right”. How is this any different from “far right”? Is it because people like Nigel Farage have stretched the 21st century political paradigm so much that actually it’s like a dog chasing its own tail? I.e. anyone we don’t like we simply distance from the “perfect” “centre”? Again, the word “right” immediately makes people think of gas chambers and Zyklon B. The appendage “far” turns this graphic picture into something to be more feared than death itself. Why don’t we see “extreme left” being used in the media, after all, Marine actually has more in common with the “red plague” than the brownshirts? Is it because Russia liberated Europe from the “extreme right” over 70 years ago? The head spins…

Now we move onto the second insult to intelligence – the mention of “Syrian refugees”. The main problem here is that the book is being started from the last chapter – displacement of the Syrian people, and the cause of their displacement is totally ignored. If to be completely objective, the choice before the people of Syria is: live under Bashar al-Assad or terrorists. Concerning the former, before the war began the Baathist party pre Bashar al-Assad’s reign made some mistakes that were the legacy of the Sykes-Picot agreement – they gave away too many subsides. It wasn’t feasible, especially when oil prices dropped, the population doubled every 22 years, and the biggest drought in centuries struck the region. The result was an irreversible trend, and even though Bashar tried to reverse this trend, it was too late, and the CIA used the weak economic position of the country to begin yet another illegal incursion. Even Bana (in reality it is her mother or some State Department employee who runs the account) admitted that life under Assad before the war wasn’t a problem.

The Internet is now rife with footage of children in Aleppo literally running into the arms of the Syrian Army, because the other choice is to remain as human shields for al-Qaeda. However, this fact isn’t convenient for the “regime change” business, so instead children are fleeing evil Assad who “drops Sarin from the sky” (never proven) and “starves the population” (this was in fact done by the “moderate” rebels). This is what the University’s President believes, and thus this is what is imposed on all the students and staff. The video below from October 21st, 2016, from the same University proves that this imposition does exist – spot the terrorist “FSA” flag? And of course, Turkey would never finance and arm terrorists

Al Qaeda and the “FSA”, side by side…

Conclusion: Marine knows very well what is going on not only in Syria, but also in Ukraine, where the same copy and paste colonisation strategy is employed by the West. In addition, both warzones are now littered with French-made weapons and mercenaries. And just because she recognises this fact she is called “extremist” by those who put blind trust in people like John McCain.

The sad reality is that Marine, by wanting to ally with Bashar al-Assad (and Russia and allies), is literally defending the Syrian people from CIA aggression and displacement, but NGO brainwashing ensures that the opposite falsity, the dissemination of which helps al-Qaeda and ISIS conduct Jihad, is the “truth”.

When it comes to “extremism”, perhaps Poitiers university would like to arrange an excursion to Hiroshima or Nagasaki for a real lesson on western “tolerance”

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