10 No-nonsense Facts About Navalny’s “Poisoning”

I don’t like analytics very much. I like facts.

Fact 1: The German government said that Navalny was poisoned by the Novichok group.

Fact 2: When “Novichok” allegedly poisoned Skripal in Salisbury, they had to kill a cat and save neighbours on a bench and a bunch of other citizens. There, everyone ran around in special protection suits for a year.

Fact 3: No one except Navalny was affected. Neither his colleagues nor his drinking buddies in Omsk. Neither the doctors, nor the passengers on the plane, nor the technicians who cleaned Aleksey’s vomit from the toilet.

Fact 4: The FSB employs smart people. Fools who poison everyone with the same poison cannot be described as “smart”.

Fact 5: The Russian Ambassador to Germany requested evidence of a loud claim that the Russian citizen Navalny was poisoned, but did not receive any – nothing.

Fact 6: Navalny is under investigation for slandering a war veteran, and now will avoid punishment, suddenly being abroad.

Fact 7: Citizen Prigozhin reclaimed Navalny’s debts and seized his accounts in Russia, billing him for a huge amount.

Fact 8: Navalny will not pay the bills now, because no foreign bank will comply with the Russian court’s demand to withdraw money from the allegedly poisoned opposition leader.

Fact 8.5: No one knows where Navalny is. Except for those who hid him supposidely at the Charité clinic.

Fact 9: We know Navalny’s diagnosis, which was announced by Omsk doctors and their colleagues from the capital who flew to them – pancreatitis. Tests carried out several times did not reveal any toxic substances.

Fact 10: What about Navalny? We have only the diagnosis from Omsk, and the words of the German government – so far only words without a single shred of proof.

How do you interpret these facts? What do you think?

Lena Miro

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