Disorder in Odessa City Hall: Nationalists Attempt to Disrupt Public Hearings

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Activists of “Svoboda”, “Right sector”, the civil corps of the “Azov” battalion, and “Anti-Trukhanov’s Maidan” broke into the cinema hall of Odessa city hall, where public hearings on the renaming of the Odessa’s streets were due to take place, and tried to disrupt the event.

“They want to throw from Odessa everything Ukrainian, they have it up to their throat with Ivan and Yuri Lypa, the heroes of the Heavenly hundred, Semen Paliy, but they like so much Catherine ll, butcher Zhukov and Putin. I think that now we need to go inside and say our words, the words of a young Ukrainian nation, because Odessa is one of the outposts of this nation. Over time, we will remove this separatist scum from the city hall and dump them in the garbage can of history,” said one of the leaders “Anti-Trukhanov’s Maidan” Sergey Gutsalyuk.

According to the correspondent of TIMER at the event, about two dozen activists of nationalist organizations burst into the hall where the hearing was due to be held, and began to attack the citizens of Odessa who came to participate in it and demanded that they leave the room. An altercation ensued.



 is monitoring the development of events.

As a reminder, in May, the Governor Mikhail Saakashvili signed a decree on the renaming of a number of Odessa streets in the framework of de-communization. Thus, it was decided that Marshal Zhukov avenue will become  “Heavenly hundred” avenue, Valentina Tereshkova street to become Heroes of Kruty street. A number of streets that have no relation to the Soviet period of the history of Odessa, in particular, Belinsky street, named after the Russian literary critic Vissarion Belinsky, fell under the de-communization bill.

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The city hall presented an alternative draft on de-communization, which was proposed to be discussed at the public hearing.

UPDATED: Activists managed to force the citizens of Odessa to leave the hall where a public hearing was held. The representative of the city hall declared that hearings are delayed for an indefinite period. The overjoyed nationalists are singing their national anthem.

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