Ukrainian TV Channel That Promoted Maidan Activists Is Now Burned by Them

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Today, no Ukrainian citizen is protected from banditism,” announced the head of the faction “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko at the Conciliatory Council of heads of parliamentary factions.

“After the revolution we adopted more than 700 laws, which in fact have ruined the lives of everyone, destroyed the system of governance, destroyed the system of protection of citizens,” said the politician. Every Ukrainian understands that their life became 100x times worse than before the events connected with the overthrow of dictatorship and tyranny.

Everyone knows that their family is not protected from banditism,” she added. “Theft, robbery, and simply terror has gone beyond all limits. Every entrepreneur knows that there was never such violence against them before. And now the key television channels  are starting to burn.”

According to her, no one should be misled by the thesis that allegedly there is a struggle with the Kremlin.

“This is the humiliation and extermination of Ukraine. Every investor in the world, who looks at what happened to this TV channel, thinks whether to bear his money here or not. And he will not do it. And there’s no doubt that behind the incident with the channel “Inter” are quite high-ranking officials. Otherwise nobody would allow it, and also to call back the police 15 minutes before it started. All of this is an integral part of the chaos that has begun in the country.”

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