Mironov Promises Draft Bill “On the Status of the Donbass Militias”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The leader of the party “Just Russia” Sergey Mironov, at a meeting with the Donbass militias, promised to introduce a bill in the new convocation in the State Duma “On the status of the militia of Novorossiya”.

This bill, if passed, will give the possibility of obtaining Russian citizenship, Mironov promised.

“In the new convocation we will submit a draft bill “On the status of the militia of Novorossiya”. They will be able to automatically obtain citizenship. (The militiamen will have) the simplified obtaining of Russian citizenship if they desire. This will be achieved. In October, the bill will be heard,” promised Mironov at a meeting with the militia.

Many of the militiamen complained that they cannot obtain citizenship or a residence permit in the Russian Federation. Moreover, there were cases when militiamen who had left Donbass for Russia were sent back to Ukraine, including to places of residence in the areas controlled by Kiev.

“And the SBU is already rubbing their hands. Moreover, they also use it in their propaganda – “look how Moscow relates to you (the militia),” said Mironov.

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