Relatives of ATO Soldiers Protest Outside Presidential Administration in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Mothers of UAF soldiers gathered near the Ukrainian Presidential Administration demanding the renegotiation of the contracts of contracted-servicemen.


“Contracted-soldiers are not slaves. It is the 21st Century. Freedom for our children!”



“Contractor must have the right to choose, instead of being forcibly enrolled.” “We demand demobilisation of our husbands.”



“Demobilise the contractors, they are not slaves!”



“6th wave – back home.” “Our sons deserve demobilisation.” 


The activists demanded that the President sign a decree on the demobilization the 6th wave and to sign a law that allows for a timely termination of the contract.

“I’m here to take my child home. There, in the ATO area, there are thousands like him. When we signed the contract, there it was clearly written – the temporary term of three years. And on July 15th, 2014, my son was due back from service, but disaster struck, the war began. We have only one demand – those who’s contract has ended, the state is obliged to bring them home,” said one of the mothers.

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