“Inter” TV Was Torched by Advisor to Ukrainian Interior Minister

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The TV channel “Inter” conducted its own investigation into the arson of its office and found out that the attackers were led by adviser to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Ilya Kiva.

The video was shown on a program of “Podrobnosti”. Surveillance cameras recorded the representative of the Interior Ministry leading the attack along with crime bosses Aleksey Kopishinsky and Vadim Mizera. Also seen at the scene were activists of the nationalist party “Bratstvo” Seredyuk and Cherny (the names were not named).

In early September, near one of the “Inter” buildings in Kiev, about 20 unknown persons in camouflage uniforms erected tents and shouted accusations of pro-Russian views to the staff of the channel. Later they broke into the building and set fire to the Studio.

Ukrainian police detained eight suspects in the arson of “Inter”, but they were released after administrative reports were filled out. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Prosecutor General to monitor the investigation into the arson. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement that links the arson of the channel with the “atmosphere of hatred”.

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