JASTA Targets Saudi Bank Accounts…but Who Holds Uncle Sam for His Crimes in the Region?

Translated by Captain Ahab


Written by Elijah J.Magnier

From Palestine to Afghanistan, and from Vietnam to Abu-Ghuraib to Libya, and the US’ absolute and unwavering support to Israel.

Turki Al-Faisal: “We are not free loafers…….Hundreds of billions of Saudi Arabia’s money revived the American economy”. The US’ criticisms of Saudi Arabia is no longer just in the media, which has hyped up the offensive against the “old strategic ally”, the media has pointed their finger towards a specific group, that are backed by the American administration-research centers, or through newspapers that are close to the administration.

The campaign against Saudi Arabia has crossed a threshold, with the “JASTA” bill, or the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act”, which violates the sovereignty of every country.

Amidst this development, American political analysts are starting to ask questions, publicly, as to why the sudden change in Washington’s policy. When President Obama announced his “Obama Doctrine”, he conveyed to the public the nature of the US’s relations with Saudi Arabia describing it as “complex”. Prince Turki Al-Faisal responded “we are not free loafers”.

The questions that are being asked now are: Has the US abandoned its need for Saudi oil? Does the US no longer consider Saudi Arabia to be its crown jewel? This is what Prince Turki Al-Faisal wanted to say in his response to President Obama, he said, “The United States has benefited from hundreds of billions that were invested, and spent, by Saudi Arabia which unarguably revived the US’ economy, both the private and public sectors, even those companies that help Presidents get elected and influence administration policies”.

So when Presidential candidate Donald Trump says that he will ask the Saudis to pay for the protection afforded to them by the US military, he is not straying from the norm being set, and when Trump says he will “boycott Saudi oil” his words were not a revelation, rather it is an echo of what is being murmured inside the American administration, who draw up the plans for the current and future President, it’s an indication of where the relationship is heading. Though the person who comes into office will either accelerate or try to stall as much as possible, that is the extent of a President’s power.

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If the US wants to prosecute Saudi Arabia for actions that were perpetrated by some of it’s citizens, in the case of the downing of the twin towers on 9/11/2001, who pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda, the latter in turn declared their enmity towards the Kingdom.

•   The next reasonable question would be:

Who will prosecute the American government for all the war crimes committed around the globe? From Palestine to Afghanistan? Will Vietnam and other countries that were attacked and bombed by the US ask for reparations from the US?

It is obvious that the US can fabricate evidence to convict any country. It can also impose sanctions and seize assets of a state, in case they can prove the state aided their citizens, they can also freeze the State’s assets and bank accounts until the courts issue a verdict.

In International Law there is no precise definition of a terrorist, rather there are tens of definition each one suits the interests of a particular state. The criminal code rests on the ability of a state to enforce it’s laws, and what it can do militarily through foreign intervention, and protecting it’s national security, as well as it’s vital interests. And so the standards of international justice does not exist, except for a select few, especially the US. America has the right to say who’s the terrorist, and what state is sponsoring terror, this essentially makes them, judge and executioner, the arbiter and at the same time a side in the war, the legislator and the enforcer, more so they have the ability to control the world through the IMF and the ever-growing terror list, which is issued by it’s foreign ministry.

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The US has time and again thrown fuel to the fire of sectarianism in the region, and propagated the idea in the midst of Muslims, pushing each sect to be weary and distrustful of it’s counterpart, until they were able to create an unbridgeable abyss. When it suits them the US uses the principles of transparency and democracy, other times they lie to justify their actions. Nobody found WMD’s in Iraq, regardless of what you may think of Saddam Hussein, Washington turned a blind eye to the expansion of ISIS even after they had crossed into Syria. The intervention in Libya left the country in ruin, the economy is non-existent and ISIS expanded it’s operations into that country, where previously it didn’t exist. So who stands in judgement over who? Yasser Arafat the Palestinian leader was removed from the US’ terror list, and was later awarded with the Nobel peace prize having sold out to Uncle Sam.

Israel was never held responsible for it’s crimes, the world still remembers Abu-Ghraib, none of the prisoners were compensated even though they were brutally tortured by American officers in Iraq.

Here is America, drooling over the Kingdom’s $750 billion – $110 billion in bonds – that are kept in the US. The US is aided by the fact that the muslim world is divided in such a way that it allows Washington to say, I’m your Lord, I take what I want, what is mine is mine, what is yours is also mine.

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