No “Double Standards” in Western Media Over War Crimes, Right?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

Remember yesterday I talked about the fact that in Britain there has been a stormy campaign for the release of British soldiers from prosecution for crimes committed in Iraq? And I also gave as an example a newspaper article about why it is impossible to try British officers for war crimes – as if the laws of war are different.

And here you are, today’s editorial in The Times, from which it follows that war crimes must be punished, and punished very harshly! But only under one condition: if these crimes are committed by Syrians… or Russians!

You don’t believe me? But look! The Times is still not sure who bombed a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo, but already that it is either the Syrian or the Russian, or Russian-Syrian forces. And then the stunning passage follows: “IF SO (!!!), those responsible are guilty of war crimes and must be identified, pursued, and eventually brought to justice!”

And if suddenly it turns out that it was bombed by British planes? Well then, yesterday’s articles are right about the fact that war crimes committed by British officers will not incur liability! For themselves – everything is okay, but enemies must follow the law!

And no double standards, right?


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