1941 Ukrainian Newspaper: Hitler Was A “Gift of Nature” for Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

75 years ago, on 4th September 1941, the first issue of the collaborators’ newspaper of Dneprodzerzhinsk was published. Of course, the first thing the then occupiers (like the current ones) did was renaming the city “Kamianske”, that’s why this newspaper had the name “News from Kamienske”.

And see how this agency immediately rushed to glorify Hitler! Already the only main headline was exemplar: “the Ukrainian people must have firm faith in the new creator of Europe, Adolf Hitler; everything this person is doing is appropriated and blessed by God.” How’s this for deflection, huh?


Let’s read the editorial: “in order to bring to the Ukrainian people at first cultural freedom and opportunity for development, the German people had to receive a gift in the form of Adolf Hitler.” You see, right? That means the very emergence of Hitler itself was intended only for the “cultural freedom” of Ukraine! Yes, he probably slept and dreamt how to develop the Ukrainian nation, even at the expense of casualties of German soldiers. This “gift of nature”, we suppose, had no other purpose.


Let’s continue reading this article: “Freedom, free labor, and bread are the most valuable things that the German Army will bring under the leadership of their Great Leader to the Ukrainian people.”

So that you do not have doubts, this newspaper was personally supervised by the newly appointed-by-Germans mayor of the city, the Ukrainian nationalist Alexey Samoylenko (who immediately after the arrival of the occupiers became Oleksa Samilenko [Ukrainian adaption of name – ed], of course). Two years later, he fled to the West and very comfortably settled in the Ukrainian faithful exile, where he established and headed the “Union of Ukrainian Youth”. And by the way, he made a significant contribution to the myth-making associated with the so-called “Holodomor”. He lived quietly to a ripe old age and died in the States in 2001.

They are like that, those faithful “heroes”, which the current Ukraine intensely screams, “Glory.”

To be continued

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