2.5 Year Anniversary: Odessa Commemorate Their Dead, While Right Sector Honour Those Who Killed Them

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



November 2nd marks the two and a half years since the worst tragedy in the history of the former Ukraine in general, and Odessa in particular. Odessa Khatyn was inhuman, terrible, and the crimes committed in May 2014 by the Ukrainian fascists still have not been investigated. According to official data, then in the Odessa House of Trade Unions 48 people lost their lives. According to unofficial – about two hundred… [in actuality it is over 300 – ed].

Odessans traditionally come on Kulikovo field to the place of death of their co-citizens.


“We were on Kulikovo… it was impossible not to go this day – two and a half years… I usually bring two bouquets: one to the main entrance of the House of Trade Unions, the other to the patch of grass where there are makeshift memorials for those who died in this place. I always lay down flowers in memory of Ruslan Kuscha, because his mother is still not able to come there where she experienced the most terrifying hours of her life. But today we especially remember Vyacheslav Markin, one of those deputies that are truly worthy of being a people’s deputy. He went to die together with all of them. And now they make him the main one accused. From him, and not those who brutally beat him to death! But the junta is not eternal, and justice will prevail… We prepared some posters and stuck them to the fence around the House of Trade Unions. There a camera is working on the building. I could not deny myself the pleasure of showing it the finger. Little joys during this occupation… In the Autumn, at the time of golden leaves, the House of Trade Unions is especially sad and silent…” said the inhabitants of Odessa Galina and Marina.

We note, the Prosecutor’s office accuses of the deaths of people in Odessa on 2nd May 2014 the Deputy of the Odessa Regional Council and activist of Kulikovo field Vyacheslav Markin, who died after falling from a window of the burning House of Trade Unions: he was beaten to death by Banderists.

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The website “Timer Odessa”, with reference to the notice of suspicion signed by the Prosecutor of the Odessa region, which was given to the families of the deceased, reports that the late Vyacheslav Markin is declared as a suspect in the case. Accordingly, criminal proceedings can be closed at any time in connection with the death of the suspect.

…The memory of the victims of Odessa were also honoured in Moscow. Representatives of the Odessa Association of Russia jointly with the Moscow public on the evening of 2nd November held a picket-rally near the Embassy of Ukraine under the title: “We will not forget! We will not forgive!”

Participants laid flowers before the portraits of the dead and lit candles.


“In order to remind the entire world and the Ukrainian leadership that any inhabitant of Odessa, wherever they may be, and no sane-minded person has no right to forget and bury into oblivion this horrific day! Time doesn’t heal such wounds, no matter how hard “information concealers” try! To leave unpunished this crime against humanity is not possible at all levels of justice of any state worldwide!” members of the Association declared.

“Two and a half years since that terrible day, when punishers, Maidan thugs and simply wild beasts committed an act of violence against the peaceful and the once smiling Odessa… We in any case do not forget about our people!” stressed the organizer of the action, inhabitant of Odessa Aleksandr Vetrov.

Also flowers were laid at the “Odessa” memorial of cities-heroes and cities of military glory, located in the Aleksandrovsky garden.




Today — exactly two and a half years from the date of the Odessa tragedy May 2nd, 2014, the terrible arson in the House of Trade Unions. Everyone commemorates their memorial dates in their own way. “Right Sector”, as it seems, still remembers this day as a great victory. Soon they are going to install a memorial plaque in honor of one of their perished “heroes” – the overseer of “Right Sector” Igor Ivanov. The same one who so actively participated in 2nd May events and died while in pursuit of those who tried to take refuge in the House of Trade Unions.

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A plaque with his name will be unveiled, though not in Odessa itself, but in the town of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, the former Akkerman. All of this was announced on the page on Facebook of the head of the Odessa Regional “Right Sector” Sergey Sternenko.

The correspondent of Federal news Agency turned to Alik Vetrov, the famous Odessa journalist, public figure and human rights activist, for his opinion on this matter.

“It’s important to understand that Odessa, and generally all the South-Eastern region of Ukraine are now occupied. They are occupied, they are under the control of the fascism-esque Kiev regime. Odessa as a city of strategic importance, of course, suffers the highest numbers of torture, humiliation and abuse. Absolute disregard for historical memory is happening — a fresh memory, because today marks two and a half years since the unthinkable tragedy of the burning of the Odessa House of Trade Unions took place. It is difficult to imagine that something similar could happen in the 21st century, in a multinational city, in the heart of Europe, and even in broad daylight,” notes Alix Vetrov.

Vetrov is sure that, nevertheless, following classic examples, the “totalizer of occupation” already started to count in reverse. It’s already counting towards the end of the fascist occupation of Odessa. Even the current rulers of Ukraine and their supporters understand this. That’s why they are trying so hard now to hide the truth about the Odessa events, and to transform the tragedy in favor of their ideology.

The installation of the plaque  is just one of the links in the chain. Many other things happen in parallel. Soon in Odessa, the “Azov” Corps will open a “patriotic training” camp for children and young people. Militants and nationalists from “Right Sector”, headed by the same Sternenko, constantly attack the makeshift memorials in honor of those killed on the Kulikovo field – memorials erected by the citizens of Odessa themselves. The last such incident occurred as recently as this Sunday.

“It is clear that this youngster — I can’t call him in another way — was killed. Of course, it’s a pity. But, by and large, he was killed by his own. They killed him in an odd way: whether in the back, or something else. Everything was done in order to make from him a sacral victim. That’s why the investigators were not allowed to approach his body, that’s why there is no witness testimonies — but I will not go into this issue.

Most importantly, this year, on the anniversary of May 2nd, this youngster was posthumously awarded by the President of Ukraine. It showed us that the official propaganda terminology in connection with Odessa events is already being determined. Now in Ukraine, in fact, the day of 2nd May is celebrated like a little day of victory over separatism,” continued Vetrov.

Anyway, despite all the attempts of the Ukrainian authorities and its propaganda machine, Alik Vetrov doesn’t think that the memorial plaque in honor of Ivanov will last very long.

“They know that this plaque will not last, that’s why, probably, they unveil not in Odessa, but in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. As experience shows, memorial-symbol to punishers, wherever they are raised on the territory of Ukraine — at least in its Western areas, in Kharkov, or in Kiev — are always subject to being attacked. And it most likely that such a symbol will not stay in the Odessa region. All of this is continual agony, running at different levels. I will end where I started, the totalizer of the occupation of Odessa counts in reverse,” sums up the expert of FAN.

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