200 Canadian Mercenaries Travel to Ukraine for Another “Master Class”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Canadian military will rotate colleagues who have been in Ukraine since 2015.

Two hundred Canadian servicemen recently went to Ukraine from the base in Edmonton for rotation. They will train the Ukrainian military, Ukrinform tells.

The Minister of Defence of Canada Hardzhit Sadzhan declared that his country with pride provides the help to Ukraine.

“In cooperation with our allies Canada is proud to provide help to Ukraine and observe obligations by holding this important training mission,” said Sajjan.

He also congratulated the Canadian military personnel who went to Ukraine for rotation of colleagues.

“My very best wishes go out to those deploying in continued support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces under Operation UNIFIER and I look forward to seeing those currently serving there return home for a well-earned rest with family and friends. Working together with our Allies, Canada is proud to assist Ukraine, and to maintain our commitment to this important training mission,” noted the minister.

As was reported by Korrespondent.net, in 2015 Canada sent 200 military instructors to Ukraine. They gave classes to the Ukrainian military personnel on Yavorovsky and Kamianets-Podolsky training grounds. Their mandate comes to an end on March 31st, 2017.

But in November, 2016, it became known that Canada will prolong its military mission in Ukraine.


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