200+ UAF Servicemen Surrendered in Mariupol

NEW – April 5, 2022

Chechens communicate with prisoners from the Naval Forces of Ukraine who laid down their weapons in Mariupol.

Ramzan Kadyrov: “267 marines from the 503rd Battalion (assigned to the 36th Naval Infantry Battalion) surrendered to the Russian Armed Forces in Mariupol today. This is a very correct and informed choice!

I have always appealed to the Ukrainian military with a proposal to surrender and, together with the Russian military, restore order in the country for the peaceful life of the long-suffering Ukrainian people. 267 people heard this call. Their relatives no longer need to worry about them. They’re perfectly safe.

I appeal to those who are still thinking. We are not at war with civilians. We are fighting bandits, Nazis, ‘Azov’ and Shaitans, who will not bring anything good to either Russians or Ukrainians. Come over to the correct side!”

Meanwhile, here is merely one example of how Banderists treat Russian POWs:

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