2011: Aleksey Goncharenko Supports State Status of the Russian Language in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Aleksey Goncharenko
is a person who was directly involved in the “ideological provision” of the mass burning of people on Kulikovo Field, and before this he was one of the most active fighters for a union between Ukraine and Russia, for the State status of the Russian language, and, of course, against Nazis Banderists. In a video from 2011, Goncharenko frenziedly applauds the leader at the time of the party “Union” Aleksey Kostusev, who was proclaiming precisely such slogans…


[Kostusev: “The Russian language – it can’t be the stepson in its own home. It must be a State one. Do we demand too much?”]

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