2021 – a Multipolar World or Why the Demolition of the World Gendarme Is Beneficial To Its Masters

“After the difficult leap year of 1940, people looked forward to 1941 with hope …”

Many call 2020 one of the worst in modern history. At the same time, there is no sign that 2021 can become easier, and global crises and regional instability will magically disappear on their own.

The year 2020 was only a prelude to the impending global upheaval and sharp confrontation for markets and resources, tougher censorship, the legalisation of total surveillance, human rights violations under “democratic” and “social” slogans, as well as military clashes.

Instability in Europe is likely to be fueled by a growing cultural and civilisational conflict and a new wave of aliens. They are known to have sharp ideological and cultural differences from European civilisation.

The influx of visitors is expected due to demographic factors and the difficult social situation in the Middle East and Africa. Europe is likely to try to cope with the influx of newcomers by introducing new restrictions on movement and borders under the slogan of fighting the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the expected increase in migration pressure will contribute to the emergence of negative trends that can blow up Europe from within.

The international security system, including key treaties restricting the development and deployment of strategic weapons, is collapsing. A new detente on the world stage is unlikely.

Since part of the current world leadership considers the big war a useful tool for overcoming the economic crisis and capturing new markets, the world is likely to move towards an escalation scenario.

Russia, with its large territories, rich resources and relatively small population, seems a worthwhile but very dangerous target. But in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, there are enough objects.

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In these circumstances, much will depend on the new global order and the major alliances in it that emerge from the crumbling unipolar system. The United States has already lost its undisputed dominant role in the international arena, but the so-called multipolar world order has not yet emerged. The format of this new multipolar vicinity is likely to have a decisive impact on the further development of events around the world and the positions of key players involved in the never-ending Great Game.

Why do money masters benefit from the US’ liquidation?

It’s about cutting costs. Nothing personal, just business. The United States was propped up as the world’s only gendarme from 1990 to 2020. However, it is pointless to spend $700 billion a year on defence alone with zero results. Plus a huge social burden on loafers/welfare scroungers.

Previously, the owners of the United States could dump out $2 trillion a year due to the global oil trade in dollars. They didn’t give a damn about the trillion-dollar budget deficit or the foreign trade deficit.

Now the budget deficit is $3 trillion, and with current oil prices and the collapse of transport and tourism in the world, only $500 billion can be dumped. I.e., the printing of the dollar devalues every day the assets of European countries denominated in the dollar – 60% of their general reserves. Such a result does not suit the conditional owners of old European money, looted since the time of the Crusades, the Inquisition and the colonisation wars.

In other words, the United States, as a tool of globalists, does not work, and its maintenance is too expensive and is not compensated by the petrodollar. Now about 75% of the debt is sitting inside the United States.

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China and Russia played an important role in this. China carved a tunnel out of the petrodollar in 2018. China opened its oil exchange with trading in yuan, gaining almost 15% of the market in six months.

In 2019, Russia signed long-term contracts in euros and yuan until 2022. Then the price of oil collapsed.

In this financial situation, it is unprofitable to keep the United States afloat. So far, hyperinflation can be contained by pumping the stock market. During this period, US owners need at least another year to finally jump out of the dollar into real assets, buying everything in a row, including gold, worthy stocks, etc. They are already doing both themselves and through the same Chinese.

Thus, 2021 will be a turning point for everyone.


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