Russian 5th Column’s Hysterical Propaganda

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the last days, not without satisfaction, I saw a genuine hysteria in the camp of the Russian opposition.

Maidan in Russia didn’t succeed, money was confiscated, with money only going to the fifty gathered freaks, the Russian government remains strong, and the situation in the country is stable. And for the hamster, dreaming about the takeover of power in the country, this is the collapse of all their hopes and aspirations.

All “ideological” frameworks and masks were ripped off. And now liberals quote “Communists” and “Communist” nationalists. And all of them in unison repeat and replicate the same disinformation. But because they have a lack of time to create new disinformation, they become more and more delirious.

“Economist” Zhukovsky, who solemnly promised us a dollar for 150 rubles last winter, is inventing new mantras about how everything is bad in the Russian economy, and at the same time receives a pensioner who argues that “military exercises in the Russian army are bragging”.

We’ve already seen the quality of the predictions of this “economist” we have already seen, in reality, macroeconomic indicators are at pre-crisis levels, the trade balance is in surplus, foreign exchange reserves are growing. It would be better if he told us how “Deutsche Bank” is doing. But he won’t tell you, because he’s not given cookies for this.

As for the effectiveness of the Russian army, it is necessary to ask Georgian experts (especially experts on prolonged running – something you become after running continuously for three days), who survived 08.08.08, and experts on Syrian Barmaley, which the Russian army is now quite successfully cleaning Aleppo from.

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If they can’t succeed with the quality of disinformation, they do it with quantity. And this quantity in the past few days is through the roof. Recently we were informed about the “childhood friend of Putin”, who works as a butcher, and which is alleged to be the holder of several billion.” There is zero evidence, but if you went to the same school as Putin, then you’re right away by definition the secret millionaire Koreiko.

While the campaign fund of Clinton is just nothing. Trading the positions of Ambassadors and Ministers – garbage. You are not looking where you need to, look here. “Sleight of hand and no trickery”.

Or, for example, today one more instance of disinformation about “Boeing”. In the beginning they stated “Russia is guilty”, and then added “we will provide the evidence to you in 2018”. How’s it possible?

It will be like with the Olympics, where all the Russian athletes were falsely accused, and two months later the head of IOC gives a surprised, innocent look and says “I don’t understand on what basis they were excluded”. All this is designed exclusively for liberal fools, for whom Russia is guilty a priori always and in everything (she must pay and repent, repent and pay).

To my question “and where is the Dnipropetrovsk dispatcher, who led this plane? Where is he and his testimony?” there is no answer to it. While these are the most important answers in this case, which are clearly given to understand who benefits, who had the opportunity, and, accordingly, who is to blame.

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I had a whole collection of such disinformation, starting with “in the village Gadyukino CNN journalist did not allow to falsify the election results” and finishing with “in Russia, baby boxes will be banned (where you can throw unwanted children), this is not liberal”.

I can’t not mention one more instance of disinformation, from a “Taiga revolutionary” Kungurov. He sits in a Siberian jail, but despite this he wrote an article, in which he affirms “Ukrainian propaganda is right, and Russians in Donbass shell themselves – or the rebels, or even the Russian army”. Of course, someone who has never been to Donbass sees better from Siberian Jail than our war correspondents who regularly come under shelling there.

And, by the way, a banner with the inscription “Freedom to Kungurov!” sits on the website of “Narodny Jurnalist”, organized by white ribbon Sirs [fifth column – ed], Sulakshin, Nesmeyan, Prosvirnin, and Girkin. Igor Ivanovich Strelkov, I think, needs to write the book “How to flush everything, and in two years to transform from Girkin into Strelkov”. It will be tedious reading, but instructive.

All in all, all this non-systematic flow of disinformation reminds of only one thing – hysteria. “Arrange a Maidan, please! Well, please! Otherwise, we will cry and have a seizure on the floor.”

Hurry up, because the West will collapse completely, and we’ll not be able to tell you how great and successful it is!

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