21st Century Ukraine: Head of the Lvov Region Called SS Galicia “Brave Patriots”

By Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

The 74th anniversary of the founding of Hitler’s SS “Galicia” division seemingly was celebrated in style in the regions of Western Ukraine. In Ivano Frankovsk there was a “totally not nazi” march through the centre of the city, as well as a devoted exhibition at the Medical University with stamps and records from the private collection of the ethnographer Georgy Gudchaka of the memories of witnesses and combatants.

In addition, on April 29th, 2017, in the Ukrainian city of Lvov a event took place devoted to the same anniversary of the creation of the Ukrainian national division SS “Galicia”. As was reported by the correspondent of BaltNews.ee, in the morning in the Greco-catholic cathedral of Saint Yur, a solemn memorial service for the SS-men who perished during World War II was served. After completion of  the church service at the Lychakov cemetery the “Public veche” gathered, the participants of which glorified the “feat” of national personnel — collaborators of nazis gathered at the local Lychakov cemetery.

“For us, Ukrainians, the soldiers of the ‘Galicia’ division are an example of valor, heroism, and the uncompromising fight against the eternal enemy!” said the participants of the meeting in their speeches.

After a while everyone present moved from the cemetery to the room of the so-called “museum of liberating fight” where an excursion was prepared for them.

Veterans of “Galicia“, members of the Lvov regional society of political prisoners and victims of political repression, activists of a local cell of the extremist organization Right Sector, members of the association “division ‘Galicia’ reserve“, and representatives of other public and youth organizations took part in the events on the occasion of the birthday of the Ukrainian SS division of Hitler’s army.

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The authorities of the region were represented at the events by figures of the city and regional administrations headed by the governor of the Lvov region Oleg Synyutka. Commenting on Facebook about the participation in the events of the glorification of SS-men, Synyutka, in particular, noted that “brave patriotic guys” served in “Galicia”. According to him, they entered the ranks of the SS division in order “to learn the art of struggle in the fight for Ukraine”.

“We bow our heads to the courage of Heroes. Every month, on the last Saturday, we gather on Lychakov to pray for the peace of the souls of those who died for a peaceful sky over our heads,” added the governor of the Lvov region.


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