“The Shame of Ukraine”: German Deputy Andreas Maurer Couldn’t Hold Back His Emotions Whilst Being in the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The German political figure Andreas Maurer couldn’t hold back his emotions after seeing the state of a bridge blown up on the territory of the LPR.


The German political figure Andreas Maurer spoke about his recent trip to Donbass as a part of a delegation of journalists from Europe. According to the expert, what he saw shocked him. Maurer was especially appalled by the condition of the bridge over the Donets that was blown up in 2015 at the check point in Stanitsa Luganskaya. Temporary wooden constructions have been established here, however  crossing it is still dangerous for pedestrians. According to Maurer, the special representative of US State Department to Ukraine Kurt Volker who arrived in Donbass on May 15th should visit this place.

“Kurt Volker should visit the bridge between Lugansk and Stanitsa Luganskaya – the bridge that has been blown up. When I just two days ago was on the territory of this bridge, when we, the accompanying delegates, observed how disabled people in a wheelchair and elderly women and men crossed it… we just couldn’t look. This is simply an insult. This bridge is the shame of Ukraine, Volker must go there. And what is interesting is that 50 million euros in the EU were allocated for this bridge, but Ukraine impedes its construction. It is a shame also for Europe that this is happening,” said the German expert on the air of the “Special Article” talk show on the Zvezda TV channel.

The special representative of the US State Department to Ukraine Kurt Volker, who arrived in Donbass on May 15th, met the commander of the so-called Operation of United Forces (OUF) Sergey Nayev in a frontline zone. It is reported that the American representative was told about the military and humanitarian components of operations.

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