Stalker Zone Interview: F. William Engdahl on False Flags, Anglo Financing of Hitler, & the Emerging Global Order

By Ollie Richardson

There is no doubt that September 11th, 2001, was a key moment in the history of human beings. It is clear that, much like both World Wars, events such as these are simply manifestations of the condition of the general collective conscious of the planet. Thus, the US’ grooming of ISIS in Iraq and the Anglo-Saxon’s involvement in dividing and conquering a long list of civilisations and nation states are symptoms of the same illness – Liberalism. 

In an exclusive interview with Stalker Zone, award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, professor, and lecturer F. William Engdahl discusses these manifestations, ranging from the coming to power of Adolf Hitler, the terrorist attacks in Europe, and the general instability of the current global order, and explains why passing through this storm will be a bumpy ride.

In your book “A Century of War” you hint that the anglo saxon world was behind the rise to power of Hitler and the SS. This began with destroying the Kaiser’s Germany via the triple entente, and then with the hyperinflation caused by outrageous reparation demands. However, other researchers such as Veronica Clark, especially in her book series “Warwolves of the Iron Cross”, claims that in fact Hitler’s rise to power was entirely organic, and that there was no substantial funding being received from any western/“Zionist” organisations.

In your opinion, do you think the US’ recent history of either collaborating with or directly creating proxy forces (Jabhat Al-Nusra/Free Syrian Army, Ukraine Maidan regime, Mujahideen, Saddam Hussein, IDF, Contras, Bosnia, Gladio, etc…) reinforces the narrative that Hitler was an Anglo attack dog, or is this simply a modern unrelated phenomenon?

“In fact the role of British and US industry and banking circles was instrumental, especially via Hjalmar Schacht and his close ties to Bank of England’s Governor Montagu Norman. Royal Dutch Shell’s Sir Henri Deterding was also a major Nazi backer against “the communists” as he had been in 1919. Of course German big industry were key as well. The British Round Table circles and later the US Council on Foreign Relations with their secret planning called War & Peace Studies after 1939, they wanted to engineer a war between Germany and Russia (USSR) to destroy both great powers and open the way for their global hegemony. In the event, the US “Robber Barons” around the Rockefeller brothers pushed the British aside after 1945 to make the American Century, cancelling Lend-Lease, blocking a powerful postwar role for the British Empire. In terms of the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, in the US it was among others Brown Bros Harriman and Prescott Bush as well as the Rockefeller Standard Oil companies who gave the Nazis assurance of backing and of oil and fuel for the Luftwaffe during the war after 1941. A most critical role in enabling the smooth transition from von Papen to Hitler in the beginning of the 1930’s was the Vatican Secretary of State and former Papal Nuncio to Germany, Cardinal Pacelli, after 1939 Pope Pius XII. Had the Vatican backed a Center Party against the NSDAP in 1932-33 Hitler likely never would have taken over.

The Anglo-American oligarchs are fond of letting others fight their wars and doing their dirty work for them while they sit smiling in the background. I think the cases you mention are simply how they always try to work. Like the sly British role in the Russo-Japan war of 1905, aimed to destabilize Russia and the Czar, especially Witte and Stolypin and their reforms that were making Russia a real threat to British hegemony.”

It would appear that history does in fact repeat itself, or perhaps the Sykes-Picot plan from WW1 was never resolved. According to some analysts, we are now facing the likely partition of Syria, mainly because Bashar al Assad and allies do not have a foothold in the north of Syria, where there are Kurds, Syrian Arab Army forces, Turkish proxies, and US “advisors/spec ops”. A military solution to the war seems very unlikely, but a political one also seems far beyond the horizon.

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Do you think Syria will be partitioned? If so, how do you envisage the potential partitioning of Syria playing out, and what effect would this have on both the Middle East and the world? If not, why?

“It has been clear for some time that many parties would drool at the prospect of carving Syria into Kurd, Sunni, Alawite etc statelets, so that they control gas pipeline routes and push Russia and Iran out. In fact, Balkanization of Syria will lead to complete internal wars, breakdown even more of society and destruction of Syria as the US operations, with French and British help, have done after the murder of Gaddafi in Libya.”

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and the subsequent decade could be described as the mass pillaging of Russia by the CIA through their proxies Yeltsin and Gorbachev. Vladimir Putin became President in 2000, and the country has seen slow but steady growth, both economically and militarily, ever since. We are perhaps seeing the transition from a unipolar world to a multipolar world, and an end to the era of US lawlessness.

How would you describe the emerging world order – what main features will it have? Will it be reminiscent of the cold war?

“It depends very much on how the mutual trust develops further between Russia and China. If the two countries continue on an honest and principled basis around economic cooperation on the Eurasian New Economic Silk Road–One Belt, One Road as Beijing now calls this huge infrastructure project–, and if their military cooperation deepens, so that both defend against the escalating Western provocations in South China Sea as well as in Ukraine and elsewhere, we could see development of a healthier distribution of world power. It is pathological for one nation, in this case my own, The United States, to insist on what the Pentagon calls Full Spectrum Dominance of the entire planet. The Greeks called that the sin of Hubris.”

You have stated in the past the oddities about the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, such as the police not allowing anyone, credentials or not, near the crime scene. You are certainly not the first person to say these things, and many strange unexplained things can’t help but make one consider whether these “attacks” were actually false flags. The possible motivations for this are: increased police state, justification for bombing the Middle East, influencing the internal political balance in the country (pulling voters away from eastern-orientated politicians etc…) It’s not hard to imagine how it is arranged: the authorities turn a blind eye to extremist cells (who arrived via the “refugee” wave), who then carry out of the orders of their “case officers” in the name of Jihad.

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What do you think were the aims of these “attacks”? And from your perspective, what changes in Europe, if any, have you observed in both society and the State as a result of these possible false flags?

“I believe that every terror incident we have seen in the EU that’s blamed on suicide bombers or Islam ISIS or what is in fact state-sponsored either by NATO deep state networks such as existed in Gladio, or other false flag operations. I am convinced that certain circles in the NATO deliberately seek to cultivate a climate of fear in Europe with Middle East Arab or North African refugee “ISIS”-type terror acts. The Nice bombing is another example. Make the population fear to walk the streets during Bastille Day or whenever, in Germany to go in the streets on New Year’s eve if you are a woman. Fear has always been cultivated by patriarchs or oligarchs to advance their control over populations. The unfolding war refugee crisis in the EU, where the money of people like George Soros is feeding The Merkel Plan and calling for “borderless Europe”, or the Soros money in USA funding the phony operation called Black Lives Matter who are in effect fanning race war and fear across America– this is all a part of the larger Globalization Agenda of certain corporatist groups to destroy the nation state. I firmly believe as with individual human beings, so with nations, borders do matter.”

In Ukraine there is a situation where “neo-nazis”/nationalists are seemingly ignorant of the history of the very people they worship. For example, Stepan Bandera was responsible for the massacre of Jews at Babi Yar, yet we saw this year President Poroshenko paying tribute to the victims of Babi Yar. We also saw the Israeli President shame Ukraine for its modern-day glorification of the OUN-UPA. This is one of many examples of a total disconnect with history, and it seems that this trend fuels ideologies like Liberalism, where national identity is seen as something unnecessary in post-modern times.

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Can it be said that we are now living in a “Post-History” era, where the past chapters of the ‘book of history’ are being rewritten or entirely removed in order to cover up past atrocities so much so that paradoxical hypocrisies like the example in Ukraine have become the norm?

“I’ve never accepted the “end of history” thesis of people like Fukuyama. I believe the people in Ukraine you mention are simply thugs, impotent thugs, not students of history. That includes Poroshenko. No, we are living here and now and by our acts–conscious or unconscious–, shaping our own history. How we do that is up to us. What can I do with the idea “I live in the Post History era”? Will that pay my rent, will it end the insane wars that the boring old patriarchs like David Rockefeller or the Bush-Clinton crime families try to use to advance their control over us all? The biggest problem in today’s world as I see is that we citizens have decided to let a gaggle of jokers like Soros, Rockefeller, Bushes, a few others, trample over us, rip up the US Constitution, destroy the rule of law in the EU and destroy entire nations like Ukraine, Libya and wherever they get their dirty feet in. We become passive, feel fear, impotence. I can tell you there is no one more impotent and living in fear than those patriarchs. I think the coming few years will be critical for the future of the human species. How we decide to handle that will decide the future. If we continue to respond with fear, hate, self-hate, it will be grim. If we search for the good in us, as I witnessed in 2015 during the moving events of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of WWII across Russia, we have a good future and a good now. There are never “winners” in war. War destroys. We need to build up. That’s far more difficult, but doable.”

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