The Truth About Donbass in the Heart of Europe

Translated by Ollie Richardson


In the heart of the European Union, at the end of September, Brussels hosted the opening of a photo exhibition of photographers in Donetsk “Donbass. Chronicles of Angels”. The exhibition features a collection of images of ordinary people, houses, and civilian facilities destroyed by UAF shelling, and the aim of the exhibition was to attract the world community to the problems of the residents of Donbass.

In the past similar exhibitions took place in the Russian cities of Kaliningrad and Kursk. In one of photo exhibitions organizers met with the Belgian political scientist Kris Roman, who proposed the idea of holding the photo exhibition “Donbass. Chronicles of Angels” in Brussels. “In Donbass I saw a lot of destroyed houses, but what is most important is the number of grieving people who lost friends and relatives,” said Kris Roman in an interview with a journalist from the TV channel Russia 1.


“In fact, what is happening there is a vivid indicator of Russophobia. And we around the world know who supports it. This is Wall Street. Without their money, the Ukrainians cannot do anything because they’re bankrupt,” added the Belgian scientist.



Donetsk photographers didn’t succeed to personally present their work at the opening of the exhibition, but they did it through a French volunteer, a 24-year-old student. “I went to the area that all of Western media represented as the abode of absolute evil. Where terrorists, where evil Russian soldiers captured Ukraine. And what shocked me most of all is that as a result civilians fled from the territory of Ukraine in Lugansk, Donetsk. They fled from the army of {liberators} and {democracy} to {evil terrorists},” said Sergey Myune.

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In addition, a separate exhibition represented the work of children of Donbass. And the day after the exhibition opened, a rally was held in support of the residents of Donbass, organized by Kris Roman, in front of the European Parliament.



The opening of the photo exhibition was possible thanks to the assistance of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgium.

You can see the photomasterpieces of the Donetsk journalist Denis Grigoryuk presented to the European court judges here.

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