Symphony of Objectivity

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Many people are behaving extremely naively and childishly, as if they had entered into a fairy tale. They are living in captivity, posing as something, demanding something, believing that others should be beholden to them. By right of birth in a particular country, by right of race, nationality, political opinion, creed or gender. That they are somehow better than people in other countries, people of a different skin color, believers in other Gods, in different ideology or just the opposite gender.

At this time they do not prove that in their actions they are better than others (in achievements in science, art or sports), but they simply demand others to recognize them as exceptional and superior, at it is followed by claims of “elite consumption”, of course.

Remember, or better, write it down, my favorite formula: Nobody owes anyone anything by default. All the mutual obligations in this world arise exclusively in the process of agreement.

Even the unconditional love that gives itself away is also an agreement. I get pleasure from giving and the other person enjoying the pleasure from gifts and the process of receiving. And this is also by mutual agreement, because if it is not, then it is blackmail or violence. So we can say that in some sense love is somehow “egotistical” – it allows a person to receive joy and pleasure, not comparable with anything else.

That’s why all, even altruistic forms of communication, are built on the principles of mutual benefit. If you want to receive something then you must offer something in return, and whether this exchange is material or non-material is already secondary. And by default, see the formula above.

But let’s come back to our “tale”. It does not exist. Our world is extremely harsh, dangerous, and mostly, to put it mildly, very unpleasant. People (some people, to be exact) try to make it more safe and comfortable, but not always and not everywhere do they succeed.

In any society there are approximately 2% of sociopaths with no moral restrictions on murder. The only thing that is holding them back is the fear of retribution from the law and/or the relatives of victims. And every day on the streets you walk past the tens and hundreds of such personages, and you just don’t know it.

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And don’t entertain any illusions about the “civilised world.” A thin coating of law obedience and civility flies away very quickly during any sufficiently serious natural disaster or other cataclysm. Just a few hours after the storm is sufficient enough for residents of American cities to begin looting and pillaging.

Soviet people most often remained humans under all circumstances – as with the siege of Leningrad, and in Nazi concentration camps, and after during earthquakes and floods. But there are still not enough Soviet People.

Fairy tales do not exist. Or they are too scary, these tale. Worse than any “Game of Thrones”.

To this day, over one third of the world’s population lives in poverty. Nearly a billion lives in the favelas (slums). A comparable number of people are starving. And even more without adequate medical care.

Every day on the planet between 10 to 25 THOUSAND people die from starvation. In a year – a few million.

And when I hear reoccurring moans about the fact that someone can’t afford this year to fly to Egypt or Turkey’s sea beach, or that he is left without his favorite mouldy cheese – I see before me stupid meat, which is absolutely unsustainable and who continue to breathe and to scoff food only through a lack of understanding.

It would be good to put them in Taiga for a week with only a knife. Although in Taiga even I can’t survive, although I know a lot and know how to do many things. For example, if I meet a starving bear it is almost guaranteed I’d die. Because against him, even a gun won’t help.

But me, at least I can go in the woods relatively unheard, and would be able to keep direction, and would be able to search for unpretentious food for a couple of hours, I will have a spear, a stone axe, and a sling or Bolas. But this one, dissatisfied with life, will not have any chance.

In my life different things have happened. I could have been killed many times, or physically impaired, and many times was close to being jailed. I was a government official and a smuggler. I was at the station begging for a ticket home, and with my friend was carrying money in cardboard boxes (the most funny thing – “Zaporozhets” [cheap car – ed], in order so no one guessed).

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Many things happen to me. Once I was living in Kiev without any money (I bought a metro card with the last of my money), on wages from “Mivina” (the Ukrainian version of French one before “Chirac”), until I received the salary. While going to the office in a rather expensive suit.

By the way, I arrived in Donetsk from Vinnitsa in 2014 with one bag of things (two books and a couple of changes of clothing), and I cross the Russian border on foot, and also in Moscow I came with the same bag by bus. Dumas, according to legend, as his hero d’Artagnan, also came to Paris with two small coins in his pocket.

That’s why whatever happens, I remain calm. If everything is okay – I try not to relax too much. If it’s not good, tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow will be better. The main thing is to rely only on yourself and never ask anybody for anything. As Woland said, “they will come by themselves, and will offer everything”.

They will offer not from kindness, but because they need me. They need my knowledge, my abilities, my skills. According to one of the principles of Cybernetics, “the most useful element of the system is the most resilient.”

And when someone wants you “altruistically” to do much good – it is almost always suspicious. If someone want to introduce you to their religion – they want to cheat and rob you. If they want to liberate and democratize you – they want to cheat and rob (in my articles I always say “guys, fight and work, by yourself”). If you are offered to earn a lot without much effort – they want to cheat and rob. If you promised that you will attract billions of investment for you and will build a European country – I hope you have understood the principle.

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That’s why you mustn’t trust or believe in good samaritans, or demand something outside of your reach. You just need to behave simply. You are alive – and that’s already good.

Why did the sci-fi series “Firefly” hook millions of people who fifteen years after remained fans, despite the fact that it has finished? Because the philosophy of it was “the ship still flies. It’s not too much. But it’s enough.”

You’re still alive – and it is already a lot. Hence, Stephen Hawking for many years has been lying almost motionless in a wheelchair, all the doctors buried him many years ago. But he writes books, leaves the entire scientific world in awe with his theories, seduces nurses, and movies are made about him.

And if you with your hands and legs are not able to achieve something, it’s not circumstances that are to blame, not Putin, not your country, not the general injustice of the world, but the person you see in the mirror. I know a lot of people who whined that they have no income, while for months they even didn’t try to open a website with job postings. Although the most complaining of complainers, of course, it’s known from who they receive their salaries from.

At this time, a huge number of people call themselves “non-slaves”, but do not possess the most important freedom – the freedom to think for themselves. That’s why they are the real slaves (despite their appearance). And others (for example grandpa Lenin or Auguste Blanqui) remain free in prison or in occupation.

Be realistic. Our world is harsh. And we happen to live in the least peaceful era. Although the Romans called the break between battles “pax” (peace), and there was no other meanings for this word – and they were right.

As is rightly noted by historians, the last recorded period without wars on planet Earth was in the year 2635 BC.

Battle, rest, prepare for a new battle. The cycle repeats. And if you are tired – you can always drop dead.

Well, did I instil you with optimism?

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