Kiev “Right Sector” Leader Declared Wanted for Preparation of Sabotage in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Prominent “Right sector” activist and one of the leaders of UNA-UNSO was put on the wanted list for the preparation of provocations and sabotage on the territory of Russia.

As it became known to Life, the Interior Ministry are looking for the leader of the Kiev branch of the movement “Right Sector” Igor Mazur for preparing mass riots and provocations on the territory of the capital region.

“Igor Mazur, according to the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, has been based on the territory of the Russian Federation since 2016, and is recruiting activists for organizing riots in Moscow. Also, along with him, the Ukrainian lawyer Alexander Zolotukhin and Kiev lawyer Nikolai Byller were also declared as wanted,” said a source in law enforcement bodies.

All of the above are suspected of preparing acts of sabotage in Russia.

As a reminder, on Friday criminal proceedings were instigated against the leaders of “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO, and other radical nationalist movements in Ukraine.

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