Catching Up With Maidan “Revolutionaries”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Often Big is very good and vividly appears in Small. That’s why, after nearly three years since the beginning of Euromaidan, we can see how the “revolution of filth” affected the lives of individual groups and even the personalities involved in it.

Klitschko, who if Euromaidan had not happened, would most likely have become the President of Ukraine (this could appear to be funny, but for all ratings before Maidan he was the leader), became only the mayor of Kiev.

Oleg Tyagnibok, whose fighters carried out the coup, went into the political abyss, from where he only occasionally emerges to do one more uninteresting-to-all statement, which no one pays attention to.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk stole more than a billion dollars and went to live in the United States.

Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and led a faction named after herself in Parliament.

Yuri Lutsenko was released from prison, where he was almost cured from alcoholism, and now finishes his liver in the chair of General Prosecutor.

Andrey Parubiy became speaker of Parliament and bought for himself in Kiev a dozen apartments (although now maybe it is already more).

Ruslana Lyzhychko did not burn herself as promised, but equipped her luxurious mansion with windmills and solar panels. And when the rest of the Ukrainians will freeze and sit in the dark – she won’t.

Petro Poroshenko became a self-proclaimed “President”, increased his revenue seven-fold, and builds on the territory of the “aggressor country” two more confectionery factories.

Yury Hort, “ardent revolutionary” from Vinnitsa, is sitting for already more than two years in jail without trial for holding a portrait of Poroshenko upside down for 30 seconds.

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Vita Zaverukha, complicit in robbing gas stations and killing police, is in jail.

Oleg Muzhchil (Drug Lesnik) was killed by operatives of the SBU during arrest.

Olga Znachkova, who wanted laced panties and to be in the EU, did not receive neither one nor the other. Russia, where she tried to escape,  also kicked her out.

The hero of the first Maidan Vladislav Kaskiv was declared wanted and is hiding somewhere in Latin America. Although there is information that he was arrested, posted bail, and is again on the run.

Roman Skrypin stole cash from “Hromadske TV” and ran away.

The instigator of Euromaidan, Mustafa Nayyem, after coffee with Kolomoisky, sh*t his pant, has not changed them ever since, and still walks in them.

Vadim Cherny, Odessa “businessman” and owner of brothels, got hit over the head a few times, and now laments that the new government is worse than the old one.

Yuri Romanenko, as he was a poor political scientist living in Bucha, he still hasn’t changed. The only thing that changed is that now he is scorned by millions of Russians (only those who know about his existence), and the verdict for inciting murder is hanging on him.

Andrey Biletsky was released from prison where he sat for robbery and became a people’s deputy.

Sergey Leshchenko bought an elite apartment in Kiev.

Bankrupt Kharkov businessman Petr Kostenko was unemployed, and he still is. But now it is Putin who is he blames for everything.

Shadow conductor of Euromaidan, Sergey Lyovochkin, who gave the order to disperse “innocent youth”, moved from the presidential administration to the Parliament, where he guides the “Opposition Bloc”.

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Igor Miroshnichenko, a former presenter and former deputy from “Svoboda”, was beaten up by his wife’s lover, and now in protest is picketing the Russian Embassy.

Vitaly Regor, who yanked a St George’s ribbon from a woman in front of her daughter, received eight knife wounds, lost his spleen, and became disabled.

A significant part of ordinary Euromaidan activists were disposed of in the cauldrons. Many of them are sitting in prison, almost all without exception for grave and particularly severe criminal offences. About a third of them left Ukraine forever. The rest turned into alcoholics, drug addicts, and simply beasts with an irreversibly crippled psyche.

While, according to accidentally-surviving Ukrainian patriots, “the real revolution has yet to come”.

But in reality, it is clear from an unbiased viewpoint that profit from the “revolution of filth” is gained almost exclusively by those who before it had power and money – this category was even able to improve their situation and increase their income. But ordinary “revolutionaries” got only poverty, disability, prisons, and coffins.

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