Poroshenko’s War Business: More Corpses, More Profits

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Over the past few days in Ukraine two seemingly unrelated events took place.

Firstly, the commander of a UAF unit was killed in Donbass, who was only 21 years old. The commander of a unit at 21? How is it possible? Does is mean that Poroshenko already has spent all available adults, and will soon send children as cannon fodder, like his friends from ISIS?

Secondly, a 22 year old student asked Poroshenko why his son doesn’t fight in Donbass. After this, the student was promptly (within several hours) expelled from the University, and now, if he does not flee in time to the “aggressor country”, he has a chance to die for Poroshenko.

And during this time Alexey Poroshenko is safely enjoying life in London, periodically flying to rest (from what? he even does not work!) on the Cote d’Azur in France.

“War is the business of the young, a cure for wrinkles”, probably constantly singing pretty drunk, after the degustation of Odessa’s wines with Saakashvili. And his son is too old to die, he is already 31.

Especially because Poroshenko himself does not fight with Russia, but built two more factories there. War is for suckers. Suckers die there, it’s also them who pay billions out of their pockets. And I’m not speaking about the military tax.

By the way, about the military tax. The paradoxical fact is that the war was not announced (that is, all the soldiers and officers of the UAF, operating on the territory of Ukraine, are war criminals because they violate a bunch of laws and statutes), while the tax on war exists. Orwell is horrified that his dystopia has been brought to life, but Goebbels is in admiration.

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I wonder if anyone calculated how much Poroshenko earns from each corpse (including the corpse of a UAF soldier) in Donbass? In my estimation – several tens of thousands of dollars on corpses. More cadavers, more profits.

Do more dying, because Petro Aleksiyovych has one more son that is growing up, he’s 14, he needs a couple of billion to leave for him. Brainwashed dies – money for his dear son!

That is, a system of state property management!

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