Kremlin Raises the Stakes

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The moment chosen for the transition from the concealed to the open phase of the war for independence of Russia is simply ideal...


Crimea - Russia, Ukraine - Russia, Alaska - Russia, Everything - Russia, Besides Kosovo, Kosovo - Serbia

Crimea – Russia, Ukraine – Russia, Alaska – Russia, Everything – Russia, Besides Kosovo, Kosovo – Serbia, Where we are – Russia is there (Night wolves banner at a Roy Jones boxing match in Moscow)

Everyone so sincerely wonders why the rhetoric of the Russian authorities changed so sharply, as also her actions became much more firm.

Here, for example, a fresh statement from the press service of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.


Have you ever heard such formulation before? No? Me neither. While the motive existed before. But before, the authorities, with all their strength, struggling to hold themselves back, through gritted teeth, called Americans “partners.” So, something has suddenly and radically changed.

Personally, I was waiting for such rhetoric for more than 25 years. It arrived.

And regarding the reasons for this sudden change, everybody is silent as if they took water into their mouth. But me, I will tell you, I have no issues with it.

Firstly, elections to the Duma passed as it ought to have. Those who needed to be elected, were, and those who shouldn’t, weren’t. It means in the old Duma, there were hostile elements, while in the new one, Putin has a clear majority.

Now it’s possible through the Duma to adopt the right laws, and as quickly as possible. For example, about the plutonium, the cancellation of cooperation with the US in strategic domains, anti-terrorist operations outside the country, and so on.

Secondly, the attempt of Maidan in Russia was technically neutralized. They even didn’t have the time to start, because it was already over. Even if any of these clowns could continue to jump, whine about “5.11.17”, and dream there about “Putin sold everything”*, their train left, the time for a coup was irretrievably lost. Lords of white ribbon “revolutionaries” [5th column – ed] were already flushed down the urinal, while they still did not understand it.

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[*In the above video, which isn’t worth translating whatsoever, notorious 5th column crybaby Igor Strelkov insults Putin and says “[he] already sold the Russian people of Ukraine, he will also sell the Russian people of Russia”.]


And also, accordingly, leaning on the majority in the new Duma, Putin began to actively reshuffle staff. Look, only yesterday he dismissed a dozen Generals of the Interior Ministry.

The internal enemy is neutralized, or is in the process of finishing it. But it is already possible to work freely, and also, at last, to show our true colors.

The moment chosen for the transition from the concealed to the open phase of the war for independence of Russia is simply ideal.

1. The Chinese have matured (thanks to the efforts of Washington itself, conducing an over-aggressive policy towards Beijing), and gave their guarantees of support.

2. The EU has already openly rebelled. If sabotage of negotiations on TTIP was still somehow veiled, the fines against “Apple” and “McDonald’s”  are a defying call, a new “Boston tea party”.

The funniest thing is that these days the fine of American oil company “Exxon” in excess of seventy billion dollars was issued by the government of Chad. If already a little African colony dares to pursue a leading American Corporation that is already finished, it illustrates that no-one is afraid of Americans anymore (and this after the insults, with which they were covered with impunity by the Philippine President).

3. Our elections have already passed, but not in the United States. The current Washington administration is already sitting on their suitcases, and nobody wants to take responsibility for some radical actions, the consequences of which the next administration will have to mop up.

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And until the moment that the new one will be chosen and introduced to the course of affairs – the initiative of Americans will be already hopelessly lost. They will simply be put before the fact of a new reality, where there is no longer “a sole superpower”.

Of course, now will be the moment of highest tension. And there is always a danger that some stupid American with a hyper-compensation inferiority complex may decide that mutually assured destruction (the doctrine of “M. A. D.”) is “not as guaranteed”. But especially at the  current moment such a possibility is also reduced to the minimum.

As the Anglo-Saxons say – “perfect timing”. As grandfather Lenin said – “Yesterday it was too early, tomorrow it will be too late”.

Truth is on our side, St. Andrew and Karl Marx. With this, we win.

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