US Elections & the Price of Fear

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


US Military Industrialists need budgets to continue to produce non-flying planes and non-shootable guns. And for this reason you have to die for Wall Street and Hitlery Clinton!

Politicians in the American presidential race are squealing about the Russian threat. Trying to scare you, in this way they want to gain some extra points.

As you know, the best way to influence a person is through pleasure or fear. The politicians failed to deliver pleasure to American voters, so they try to frighten you.

In past times they frightened with Arab terrorists, but the bearded fundamentalists were too boring and voters were already fed up with it. Especially because it is also difficult to explain why a trillion-dollar expenditures on new weapons is needed to fight medieval Bedouins.

In recent years, Generals from the Pentagon and the owners of the military-industrial complex sawed between them a few trillion dollars for “weapons of the future”:

  • Non-flying F-35 aircraft; 
  • Wooden super ship with a rail gun, occasionally firing a useless blank with low precision; 
  • Laser cannon on a passenger Boeing, which could theoretically could shoot down a cruise missile (but only if the aircraft flies parallel to the missile and not more than a hundred meters from it); 
  • The program predicting the actions of the enemy, which is wrong in 70% of cases etc.

That’s why this time they decided to renovate their repertoire, frightening with a new (or rather, almost-forgotten old) enemy – “awful” Russians. Landing bears, Kalashnikovs, vodka, ushankas, and the airship “Kirov” – the complete set.

I’m sure you remember these wonderful transformations? “Freedom fighter” Osama bin Laden, a personal friend and business partner of George W. Bush, who the United States has for many years supported with money, weapons, and military advisors, and who then suddenly became a terrorist and enemy of democracy. And now his heirs, all the same bearded head-cutters, in Syria in the same way suddenly become again “liberals” and “freedom fighters” (probably, for the freedom to cut heads).

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And already those evil Russians are bombing the good terrorists of the moderate terrorists opposition in Syria. When the US bombed kindergartens and schools – it’s called collateral damage. When Russians bombed with high-precision weapons positions of ISIS, it is “indiscriminate bombing”.

Politicians need fear to make you manageable.

The military needs hysteria to justify the huge military budgets – in the United States it is hundreds of billions of dollars that could go to creating new jobs, poverty reduction, or repair dilapidated infrastructure (roads, dams, bridges, which the United States have quite massively in poor condition). Moreover, this money could have gone to prevent municipal bankruptcies, which there a few hundred in the country (it’s a shame, but Puerto Rico is virtually bankrupt, how then can you say that the United States is a successful country?).

The Military Industrialists need budgets to continue producing non-flying planes and non-shooting guns.

All of them need to escalate war hysteria. That’s why the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), General Mike Milley is yelling “We will beat Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.”

And if you think? China has the first economy in the world, and its population is five times prevalent than the US population. Moreover, China possesses nuclear weapons.

The United States already fought once with the small and poor Vietnam. How many American soldiers died there? 58,220 people. And imagine a country, half of which contains nearly the same jungles, and the second half is the world’s largest mountain range the Himalayas, and the population of which is five-times more than the United States. How many Americans will die there?

In addition, after invading China, the Americans will not see Nike anymore, no household appliances, no iPhones, and much more. Yes, yes, all this is produced in China.

Or maybe the US wants to fight with Iran? Remind me what the outcome of the exercise “Millenium Challenge 2003” was, where an American attack on Iran was simulated? As far as I recall, the Fifth fleet ceased to exist in less than 24 hours.

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Iran is a large country, practically entirely mountainous, where the entire male population is liable for military service and periodically passes through retraining (like in Switzerland).

Or let’s come back to Russians. It is also a big country with a vast territory, harsh climate, and a large population, which never were fully conquered by anyone.

Moreover, over the last few centuries, Russia destroyed several empires that dominated the world, but who was stupid enough to attack her: the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sweden, Ottoman Empire, Napoleonic France, Austro-Hungary, and the Third Reich. And each time the invaders thought “this time we will succeed”. Who in their right mind will run the risk of repeating of history?

And finally, North Korea. Of course it is small and quite poor. But they also have nuclear weapons and their means to deliver them. And only one missile needs to fly to the West coast of California to drown it.

Personally, I like California. Of course, there are a lot of freaks there, but that’s no reason to sacrifice it.

As you can see, in all proposed cases by General Milley the United States can’t avoid huge losses. I do not even speak of Mutually Assured Destruction (M. A. D.), the danger of which Kennedy and Reagan knew, but which is not understood at all by politicians like McCain or Clinton.

But the lust for money overshadows all arguments of reason. And as the Joint Chief of Staff General Mike Milley will not himself go to the melee, it is others who will die. But he, according to the prescribed protocol, will fly over the territory of the United States in the staff’s stealth-planeMirror.

It is the same voters and tax payers who choose such politicians and pay their taxes for this behavior of the establishment who will die.

Therefore, staff analysts David Barno and Norna Bensahel in the report “Future of the Army” in the “Atlantic Council” magazine writing “…the Army must also prepare for the unlikely, but not impossible, scenario that we’ve called “the next big war”—involving very capable adversaries, high levels of death and destruction, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of US troops”.

And added “our army has low survivability in front of defeat and heavy losses, so preparations must be made”.

I want to ask you Americans, are you ready for defeat and heavy losses? For the hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions KIA (Killed In Action)? Mr. Kerry, maybe it’s time to in advance to lead anti-war demos, while the madness has yet to start?

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Or maybe you, American citizens, and taxpayers want to live in underground bunkers instead of cozy cottages, or instead of baseball and basketball to teach your children how to cook fried cockroach-mutants or to purify water from radiation in case of nuclear war? And this will be possible if you are lucky, if you haven’t already been killed by a direct hit, and if you will be near the shelter (do you have it?), and if you haven’t already died from radiation sickness in the very first days after the beginning of the war.

And, most importantly, what I want to ask: What is all this for? For what to sacrifice millions of American lives and risking nuclear extermination?

It’s not because of patriotism, no. It’s not because of Stars&Stripes. And not for the “way of life”. But it’s for the sake of the board of Lockheed Martin receiving from the state budget yet another couple hundred billion dollars to build their non-flying aircraft, and Joint Chief of Staff General Mike Milley to receive from them a few million of contributions to its pension fund for lobbying the interests of military corporations.

The scheme is extremely simple: you pay taxes, which go for the purchase of arms, with the help of which you will be sent to die in order to increase corporate profits. You will be sent to the massacre courtesy of your own money.

Die for Wall Street and Hitlery Clinton!

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