25 Years Ago on Russian TV They Spoke About Today’s War in Ukraine

NEW – June 25, 2022

On May 30, 1997, on the air of the TV show “One on One” (which Leonid Kravchuk and Sergey Karaganov took part in), its host Aleksandr Lyubimov said the following words:

“Recently, staff exercises were held in one of the American academies. And there, hypothetically, in some 2025, a situation is being developed that America is at war with two states (China and Russia) and the reason for the war is precisely that Ukraine has started a war with Russia on the side of NATO. It is also believed in Russia, as well as in America, that Russia can start a war with Ukraine if Ukraine is in NATO, and Russia is not”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 24/02/2022 thwarted these long-standing plans of the United States and NATO…

Maksim Makarov

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