Ukraine’s Role in Taking Down Trump

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Oleg Tsarov

Today I spoke with a former colleague in the Party of Regions. My friend worked at the headquarters of the Party of Regions and was engaged in the elections. The SBU asked him to meet with a man who introduced himself as Yuri Shvets. Yuri said that he studied with Putin, was the lawyer of the poisoned-by-polonium Litvinenko, and now works at the headquarters of Clinton.

They got talking. Yuri considers himself as a Ukrainian, but the reason for the meeting was not developments in Ukraine, but in the United States. According to Yuri, there is a very acute task of finding dirt on Trump and members of his team (because according to the headquarters of Clinton, at the time of talking, Trump’s rating was above the rating of Clinton). In particular, Yuri was interested in any information on Manafort – a political consultant of the Party of Regions and its lobbyist in the United States. The fact that even though Manafort was forced to leave Trump’s headquarters after he was accused of working for many years with Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, in any case, in the event of the discovery of any incriminating facts, it would be used to hurt Trump.

What conclusions can be drawn from this meeting? It is possible to assume that since the SBU helps Yuri to organize meetings, it is most likely a request of the CIA. And this proves that the Litvinenko case was originally under the control of the CIA. In addition, this meeting once again emphasises that, despite the fact that the attention of the world media is mostly focused on the events in Syria, what is happening in Ukraine is still important and influences the formation of the global agenda.

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