Lvov Officially Honours SS “Galicia” Soldiers and Vows to Follow Their Example

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

I am interested to know if official state, land, or municipal authorities of Munich or Nuremberg in Germany were attending events of local fascists in honour of the leaders of the SS or the Third Reich, and at the same time, called their streets and squares in their honour, would the honourable public consider them as fascist followers or not?

Probably Yes.

In Ukraine the aforementioned has been methodically going on for a long time, however, a significant portion of the local audience, which specifically pretend some erudition, doesn’t want to notice what is going on, moreover, stubbornly refuses to call a spade a spade. Mostly because this audience itself professes fascist views, which will be played as a trump card at the appropriate time.1469524438_7ce0a-1943

In the village of Yaseniv, in Brody district, Lvov region held events to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers of the First Ukrainian “Galicia” division. This was reported by Ukrainian media.

This event was held in sincere mourning and gathered representatives of the official authorities among the participants, such as the Governor of Lvov region Oleg Sinyutka.

As was told by the press service of the Lvov regional state administration, near the memorial sign to the fallen soldiers of the SS “Galicia”, memorial events were held dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the battle of division servicemen at Brody in July 1944, in the course of which they suffered, it must be said, a crushing defeat.


Everything started traditionally for the fascism-admiring Ukrainian public: with the hymn of Ukraine, joint prayers, moments of silence, and laying flowers before the monument. Not only representatives of the local authorities and residents participated in this event, but also by representatives of Brody and Chervonograd so-called “brotherhoods” of the OUN-UPA militants.

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According to the Governor Oleg Sinyutka, “heroism and love of soldiers of the SS “Galicia” to their native land deserves respect”. Moreover, Sinyutka believes that today’s generation should take the SS division as an example. In particular, the message openly drawn to the fact that Donetsk and Lugansk should be taken and enslaved by the heirs of the defeated SS.

1469525903_0_79645_8e013d66_xl“Honouring the fallen soldiers of divisions today, we admire their heroism and love for their native land. They are a good example for us, today’s generation. And I believe that soon the Ukrainian flag will fly in Lugansk, Donetsk, and Crimea,” said Sinyutka.

In his next statement, Sinyutka made it known that he is contaminated by a traditional brainwashing disorder. According to him, in the SS division the “guys” fought against… Nazism. Not every schizophrenic can produce such absurdity. So the pathology that the Ukrainian “non-fascists” are affected by is most likely much more serious. “Them, like UPA warriors, understood that you can only gain independence by yourself, instead of relying on the Nazis or the Bolsheviks,” added Sinyutka.

So, what is the today’s Ukraine, and what is Sinyutka & Co is as clear as day. Some ambiguity is present only in their inspirational speeches about “good examples.” This example is really good. Especially in the sense of the shameful end of the Third Reich and its SS and Banderas soldiers. Karma is something inevitable. And it is very good that they so diligently and obsessively stimulate it in order to not blunder.

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