28.10.1944 – First Liberation of Ukraine From Fascism, Second Liberation Is Inevitable

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



28th October in Ukraine marks an important date in its history — the day of liberation from fascist invaders is a national holiday dedicated to the expulsion of the troops of Nazi Germany from the territory of Ukraine by the Red Army troops in 1944.

Частини 3-го Українського фронту на вулицях звільненої Одеси

The first settlements of Ukraine in the region of Eastern Donbass were liberated by Soviet troops in December 1942. The main battles for the liberation of the Republic lasted from January 1943 until autumn 1944. At this time, on Ukrainian soil, more than half of all Soviet forces were concentrated.


On August 23rd, 1943, Kharkov was liberated, in September-October of the same year the battle of Dnieper was ongoing, the culmination of which became the expulsion of fascists from Kiev. The Carpathian operation completed this stage of the war, which began on 9th September 1944. On October 27th, 1944, Soviet troops liberated Uzhgorod, and the 28th arrived at the modern Western border of Ukraine. In 1943-1944, the armed forces of the USSR held in total 15 offensive operations on the territory of the Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic.


Unfortunately, today Ukraine has another history. After the state coup, the country not only changed power, but everything was turned upside down. Radicals with fascist symbols roam all around the country, kill all who are not ready to shout “Glory to Ukraine”, and cautiously copy the habits of their spiritual predecessors, the Nazis and those who served them – the nationalists of OUN-UPA.

And the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory has already for a long time been informally called the Institute of Non-Memory, because what they say and do is beyond common sense.

Members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, who shot in the back our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who arranged with the Germans mass repression of the civilian population, Ukraine officially announced as fighters for independence.

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Along with Europe, Ukraine celebrates May 8th as the Day of Memory and Reconciliation, but not Victory Day on May 9th, as it was and always should be. And St. George ribbon – a symbol of victory over fascism – is called “Colorad” mark of aggression.

And recently the Ukrainian Parliament passed one of the most shameful decisions in the history of its existence – the deputies voted for the Declaration of Memory and Solidarity between the parliaments of Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania on the events of the Second World War, which present the USSR not as defenders of Europe from German-fascist aggressors, but as the aggressor along with Nazi Germany.

Well what to say, it is enough to look at today’s congratulations by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. The public has not seen such delirium and distortion of history for a long time. Thus, on the government website on the morning of 28.10.16 an official appeal of Groisman to the public appeared.


“Dear veterans and fellow citizens! The liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders ended 72 years ago, October 28, 1944, the last Nazi unit left our land,” it is written in the address.

Oh yes, that’s right — just left. It means they just left by themselves. And the fact that the armed forces of the USSR held on the territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic 15 offensive operations and ousted the invaders, nobody in Ukraine is interested in it. The further we go — the more we will see.

“The Nazi occupation, which came on Ukrainian lands on September 1st, 1939, and lasted until October 1944, caused irreparable damage,” noted Groisman.

Yes, precisely on September 1st, 1939 — they came on the Ukrainian lands. Groisman forgot, or maybe didn’t even know, that on September 1st a part of today’s Ukrainian lands were considered as Polish following the results of the Versailles Treaty. And that the German invasion of the Soviet Union, codenamed “Operation Barbarossa”, started on 22nd June 1941. The offensive on the Soviet Union was waged on three main fronts: “North” army group were moving on Leningrad, “Center” army group — on Smolensk and Moscow, and “South” army group — on Ukraine and the North Caucasus. The German-fascist troops entered Kiev on 19th September, 1941.

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“Ukrainian society, with dignity, honors those who gave their lives for our country and future generations, actively participated in postwar reconstruction – rose the cities, town, and businesses from the ashes, returned the country to normal and full life,” it is noted in Groisman’s address.

Most likely, Groisman understands the word “honor” as “to pour green paint on veterans of WW2”, “to trample on St. George’s ribbons”, “to give flowers and pay respects to those who fought in UPA”. Because today in Ukraine veterans are not only forgotten, but also all symbols of victory are banned. Today, the people, thanks to whom we live not as a German colony, and live in general, are openly mocked by fascists, many of whom, by the way, are deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, i.e. the representatives of the authorities.

For comparison we give examples of how today Ukraine was congratulated by someone expelled-by Banderists and nationalists of the government. Thus, former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov wrote that Ukrainians are the descendants of the winners, which should be worthy of the military and labor feats of our fathers and grandfathers, and to do everything for the prosperity of their native Ukraine. He noted that he is convinced that the dark cloud of deception hanging over Ukraine will disperse, and the rays of truth will once again shine.

The former deputy Vladimir Oleinik wrote that one day Ukrainians will win over the fascists, who occupied the country, and Ukraine will again be together with Russia to celebrate Victory Day.

“Despite the fact that Ukrainian nationalists by all means intimidate citizens, they will succeed to rewrite history. All attempts to sow distrust between Russia and Ukraine are doomed to failure. We are one nation, which defended the Motherland at that time, we will defend it today too. We are in eternal debt to the veterans and are bound by their example to liberate Ukraine from the invaders. In the war against the Kiev authorities the people will win. Our grandparents won – and we will win too! Dear veterans, I wish you and your families good health and confidence in the future!” wrote Oleinik.

Head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov also did not forget about Ukraine. He congratulated the Ukrainian people on the day of Ukraine’s liberation from German-fascist invaders and expressed hope that the Ukrainian people, as in 1944, will cleanse its land from the fascist plague.

“Today, the ideological descendants of the Nazis are marching throughout Kiev and other cities, and the regime in Kiev accuses the Soviet Union of the outbreak of the Second World War. I am sure that the Ukrainian people will cleanse their land from the fascist plague. And in the calendar of a new, free Ukraine there will be another holiday date, the second day of liberation,” he wrote.

Thus, we see that whatever is done and said by the current authorities in Kiev, the hope is still there that Ukraine will come to its senses and rise from its knees. After all, without history there is no future. And a nation that forgets and does not value its own history, is doomed.

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