Ukraine’s Molotov-Ribbentrop Revision: Forfeiting Lands Just to Spite Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It’s not for nothing that people say that if God wants to punish someone, he deprives them of brains. Looking at what is happening on the outskirts of the Russian world, you know that almost the whole country was deprived of a brain. It doesn’t matter that 2-3% of the total number of people living in it understand what’s going on. This does not change the trend. It means there will not be a country. Especially if the ruling “elite” itself adopts such decisions that lead the country to its destruction simply on formal criterions.

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, 20th October, adopted a Declaration of memory and solidarity declaration, timed, as was stated in the explanatory note, with the 77th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland, which became a consequence of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. “The consequence of these events was the occupation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union, and in 1940 Soviet occupation of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This resulted in mass repressions against our nations. Those events also led to the adoption in Yalta, in 1945, the decisions that begun a new phase of enslavement of all of Eastern and Central Europe, which lasted half a century” – the declaration says. 243 deputies voted for it.

A similar statement was adopted on October 20th by the Polish Sejm. “We remember that the weakness of the international response to the escalation before world war II, of totalitarian and chauvinistic ideologies, the absence of adequate reaction to violations on the part of the aggressors of international law, and also policy concessions encouraged the Communist and Nazi regimes to aggression, and as a result the division of Europe”,  said the statement.

When you read this you understand that it’s not in vain that people also say only the grave can straighten the hunchback. Firstly, the Soviet Union was the last of the major European countries that signed a similar agreement with Hitler’s Germany. And who was the first? There’s no need for three attempts to guess it. The first was Poland. She was the first European country that signed an agreement with Hitler about non-aggression already in January 1934. Before the USSR, similar agreements were concluded, as well as Britain and France. I.e, those countries that were guarantors of the territorial integrity of Poland.

Secondly, the Second World War wasn’t at all started with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but with the Munich arrangement on 30th September 1938, when by Hitler’s demands, the leaders of the major countries of Europe — Mussolini of Italy, Chamberlain of Britain, and Daladier of France, came to Munich, and who, together with Hitler, decided the fate of Czechoslovakia without Czechoslovakia. By the way, Poles also wanted to put their signature at the foot of this document but Chamberlain cut them out.

Thirdly, didn’t Poland involve itself with Nazi Germany in similar dividing of other countries? She did – in Czechoslovakia. So why is she allowed to do it and not others? That’s why she found herself under the millstones, which she was preparing for others.

Fourthly, perhaps someone forget that if there was no partition of aggressive and barbaric Poland, she herself was ready to go East together with Hitler’s hordes?

But this is something that only concerns Poland. What is the relation here with Okraina [Today’s Ukraine – ed], because the fact here is that at that time Okraina still didn’t exist as a state? But here is why – having signed such a Declaration, Ukraine itself is legally setting a precedent for the refusal of those territories that were attached to it at the end of the Second World War. But it is exactly what the Poles need. That’s why, given the result of this Ukrainian Declaration, they lose nothing and only gain. And the fact that the Ukrainian Declaration and Polish statement are adopted in the same day, it will say only one thing for those lawyers who will start in international courts to tear away the current Ukrainian lands in favor of Poland — Ukraine itself asked Poland about this.

Other experts come to similar conclusions also: “The Verkhovna Rada, condemning “the occupation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union”, in fact, condemned the return to Ukraine of the Western territories on 17th-29th September 1939, which, thanks to “Soviet aggression” are now a part of “independent” Ukraine. I.e, Ukraine has officially opposed the further finding in its composition  of “occupied”-by-the-totalitarian-Soviet Union lands.

Thus, it is necessary to recognize that the Ukrainian Parliament made a huge geopolitical move, which by its reasonableness has no historical analogues . I am confident that under the leadership of Paruby, having being able to say “A”, the Verkhovna Rada will be able to say “B”, and will vote for the quick return to Poland of captured-from-her-by-totalitarian-Soviet Union territories, which includes the Transcarpathian, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Volyn, and Rivne regions”.

In any case, the complete “unconscious” of the Ukrainian authorities on such a significant issue means only one thing, it is too early for these people to run the state. They are not ready for historical and governmental responsibility. And if they are not ready, they can’t have a state. And judging by the decisions they make, they never will. Therefore, Russia now faces only two questions. First, how to call the future Ukrainian Federal district, if it will be a district, or, nevertheless, to include it in the West or South, since Crimea is there.

Secondly, to start to develop with Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania questions about the specific passage of new state borders – its joint demarcation – and the text of a new Declaration saying that we, being aware of our historic responsibility before the peoples of their countries, taking into account the difficult situation of the people of the Okraina lands of our former empires, cannot take care also of the people of Okraina, who found themselves without the elite watching over them and without the state, which self-destructed.

However, speaking about really serious matters of global geopolitics, all this pandemonium around the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is far from accidental and requires the most careful attitude. It has been obvious for a long time that the West must by all means find a basis to deprive Russia of its seats in the UN Security Council, which they got at the end of the Second World War in the context of the victory over Hitler. To equate the USSR and Hitler’s Germany is the goal of strategists of the aforementioned combination. Afterwards the question of the beginning of an open military conflict between Russia and NATO will only be a matter of time.

The concept of peaceful co-existence, which the USSR used since the 70’s of the last century until its collapse, showed its complete failure and ended with tragic consequences, comparable to those suffered by the USSR during the Second World War. Therefore, at present Russia finds herself in a situation where she has no choice —  they win over us, or we win over them.

Thus, the West subscribes to the fact that it took the place of Hitler’s Germany. Today, the fact that the money of Bormann went to the United States for the coming to power of Truman and to build then in the USA the new fascist project, is practically not questioned. And the entire false American democracy is only a veil behind which lurks a fascist wild and enraged beast in its new and supposedly civilized star-spangled form. But it’s known by all what happens to animals infected with rabies — they are shot.

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