Someone Still Doubts Who Actually Shot Down MH-17?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nazis became so impudent because of impunity that they threatened to shoot down a foreign airliner. I.e, in fact, they intended to stage a terrorist attack, which they announced publicly.

They stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Every time when it seems that all layers of the bottom are already broken, and all the legs are already shot, the Kiev Nazis with a joyful cry of “victory!” broke through one more bottom and shoot another leg.

And this day was no exception. Ukrainian dispatchers, threatening to scramble jets to intercept, forced the Belarusian aircraft company Belavia to land at Kiev Zhuliany airport. Afterwards, an Armenian citizen (as I understand it, it was Armen Martirosyan) was forcibly removed from onboard.


Here is the press release of the company “Belavia” about this:

“On October 21, 2016, Belavia Boeing 737-800 number EW-456PA, carrying out flight V2-840 from Zhulyany (Kiev) to Minsk was forced to return to the departure airport. There were 136 passengers and six crew members on board”. For 50 km to entering the airspace of the Republic of Belarus, the aircraft commander received an order from the dispatcher at air traffic management regional center “Kiev”, which is the state enterprise of air traffic services “UkSATSE”, to immediately return to the departure airport without giving any reasons. It was also stated that in the event the order was not fulfilled, fighter jets would be sent into the air. The pilot of the aircraft complied with the received indication and at 15.37 started to decline”.

This event is just epic on all counts.

Firstly, Ukrainian nazis became so impudent because of impunity that they threatened to shoot down a foreign airliner. I.e, in fact, they intended to stage a terrorist attack, which they announced publicly. Someone still doubts who in reality brought down the “Boeing”?

Today they have already realized that they have burned themselves, so they try to re-freeze themselves again, as if nothing of the sort happened. But all the dialogue in the air and in the ground land was recorded, and the Belarusians said that they are ready to present a recording as proof.

I will not be surprised if, after this, Lukashenko will refuse to continue to present his platform for talks between the Kiev regime and the LDPR rebels, and “Minsk agreements” will have to be renamed, for example, the “Idlib agreements” (because who else besides the bearded thugs, will agree to deal with the Nazi pig Poroshenko?).

And at the present time, the Republic of Belarus has protested and handed a note of protest to Ukraine in connection with forced return to Kiev of the Belarusian aircraft.

Secondly, the territory of a passenger aircraft, according to all international agreements, is the territory of the country that the plane belongs to. And on the territory of Belarus, no Ukrainian Security Services have the right to detain anyone. And it means that there is another gross violation of international law, in fact, an act of aggression.

And, thirdly, a citizen of Armenia was detained, which means another violation of law and another act of aggression, but this time against Armenia.

And in order to finally finish off the situation, a couple of hours after the detention of the citizen of Armenia, he was released. I.e. all the noise with threats, fighter jets, and numerous violations of law were absolutely meaningless and futile. Air piracy for air piracy.

It is typical for Maidan degenerates, to bang your head against a concrete wall with cries of “Glory to Urkaine!”, and as a result, to receive only a wounded forehead and a reputation of a crazy imbecile among neighbors.

Because the final result is numerous documented violations of international law by the Kiev regime, an act of aggression, an international scandal, damaged relations with Belarus and Armenia, and a absolutely nothing in the end. By the way, as is usual for Maidanits.

I will take this opportunity to say: Dear Armen! I am very glad you’re alive and in good health. It will be necessary to celebrate your wonderful liberation from Nazi captivity with good Cognac. Message me later on VKontakt, we will go somewhere.


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