Kiev Students Demand Ratification of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Outside Dutch Embassy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the eve of the third anniversary of the revolution of “dignity”, “they are just children” protested again. You will not believe it, but for the same reason: students insistently demand a visa-free regime.

It’s been three years since like cute children with nice pale faces, with chess in one hand and stones in the other, stormed the presidential administration in order to receive a visa-free regime and lace underwear into the bargain.


However, their expectations to live, work, and study in Europe did not materialize. The most offensive thing is the project “Ukraine is Europe” was ripped up by some Dutch potheads who refused to ratify the Ukraine-EU association. The Dutch government did not allow themselves to go against the will of their people, who clearly said “Nee” to annoying Maidowns.


And now the Dutch Embassy in Ukraine will experience what the diplomats of the Russian Federation have experienced for several years. A “siege” of pots, setting fire to the flag of the Netherlands, and a performance of the song “Rutte-lololo” awaits them – because the progressive and caring young people already went on the path of struggle for a European future. Already at night “they are only children” began to draw in front of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Podol a bloody map of Ukraine, and promised another Maidan.


At the entrance to the Embassy more than 50 students of Kiev universities gathered, which demanded the ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. None of the Embassy staff went out to the students, so they started the usual artistry. To nail genitals to the pavement, however, none of the children dared, however the students began to draw for the staff of the Embassy a map of Ukraine where Crimea and Donbass are painted in “blood”: saying, it’s what we paid for in return for a visa-free regime.

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By Friday, as they say, “peaceful protester” students come from all over Ukraine to the capital, and will demand from the Dutch to change their opinion about the adoption of Ukraine into the European family of nations. By the way, nobody remembers that the students so eagerly and orderly performed when the government of Groisman announced the intention to deprive them of scholarships. But here they flocked like flies to honey. Or to be more precise, to cookies.


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