30’s Germany? No, 2016 Hitler Jugend in Ukraine…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



How to raise a facist in the tradition of Hitler Jugend can be taught at a children’s “Azov” camp located in one of the suburbs of Kiev. Shocking video footage of pupils at the camp together reading “the prayer of Ukrainian nationalists” was published.

“Call me with chains clanking and gibbets creaking in hazy mornings; bring me screams of those tortured in cellars, jails, and in exile so that my faith would be granite and my desire to grow up with courage, so that I’d bravely go into battle as our heroes did for you, Holy Mother, in order to get revenge the blood of the fatally tortured, near Bazar, Kruty, Kingiri, and Vorkuta, heroical death of heroes of the Ukrainian Nation, Ukrainian National Revolution – Colonel Evgeny Konovalets, Basarbova, Golovinskiy, Shukhevych, Bandera, and the glorious death of Bilas and Danylyshyn, and thousands of other unknown to us, their bones scattered or buried in secret,” is furiously repeated by children after one of the “Azov” fighters, even without understanding the meaning of the terrible words.

It’s exactly in this way the day begins in the camp of neo-Nazis in Pushcha-Vodytsia near Kiev, organized with the support of volunteers of the “Azov” regiment, for the children of the military that are serving in the ATO zone in Donbass, as well as ordinary young Kievans. Recruitment starts at six years old. The Ukrainian authorities close their eyes to attempts to lure children into a bloody conflict.


The camp for upcoming “Azovets” developed a special course of military training following a simplified version of the program for adult fighters. Skinhead instructors teach children how to use weapons, to assemble and disassemble machine guns, to administer first aid, and explain how and who needs to be killed “for the glory of the nation.”

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