SOS Ukrainic

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

Written by Alexander Rodgers


While foolish ordinary “maidowns” [pro-maidan activists – ed] continue to demolish and repaint monuments, sing their s**t anthem, and look for “domestic separatists”, their leaders are hastily preparing to leave the sinking “Ukrainic” [Ukraine + Titanic – ed].While ordinary maidowns continue to upload their wet dreams about the collapse of Russia (RF Investigative Committee and other law enforcement agencies diligently record all such statements in a special “booklet”, along with the data of accounts and IP addresses of these future customers of psychiatric hospitals), Mr. Poroshenko hastily created a few new “blind trusts in offshores” (haha), and the Mr. Groisman already bought a house for himself near the US shack of Yatsenyuk, and no less hastily (albeit so far unsuccessfully) is trying to sell their Ukrainian assets (the market “Youth”, asphalt plants, jewelry stores, and other details).Yatsenyuk already uploaded photos from beaches and jogging in America, but the jumping degenerates still have not realized that were f****d and continue to be.

Looking at the boundless stupidity of jumpers, we start to be sure, that even when all members of the current regime, from Poroshenko and Groisman, finishing with Turchynov and Bereza, will be in the United States and Israel (and maybe there are some personalities in the UK, on the Island, which also like to host war criminals and runaway dictators at their place), the brainwashed degenerates will still not understand it.

And the “Ukrainic” is rapidly sinking, there isn’t any doubts to be had. A significant example of this are the statements by known weathervane-like Vadim Karasev, who for two years spoke about Russian aggression and the success of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko’s reforms, but just a few days ago suddenly said that “the crown will not fall, and there is need to write a letter of repentance to Putin asking for forgiveness for everything that was done over the last couple of years.

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And the same allegedly false statement of Tympshenko didn’t appear by accident – her spin doctors several times in the past did the same disinfo spreading for the purpose of knowing the public’s reaction to sudden changes of course. If society would strongly condemn it, they would present it as “fake”, but if society will support it, in this case official statements of representatives of “Motherland [Tymoshenko’s party – ed] will follow.”

And how can you not understand that here arrived the apotheosis of apogee, and the apogee of  apotheosis, if:

  • The official budget deficit is about 25 billion UAH.
  • Arrears of subsidies is also approaching 25 billion UAH.
  • The deficit of the Pension Fund of Ukraine 145 billion UAH.
  • Overpayment of taxes of over 40 billion hryvnia.
    the budget expects about 14 billion hryvnia from the sale of Odessa portside plant (OPZ), but buyers have not been found.
  • Ratings Agency Fitch has lowered long-term ratings of Ukraine to CCC pre-default values.
  • The level of GDP per capita fell to the indices of the Congo (where for many years there has been war involving several neighboring countries and some Western PMCs) and is already below the level of Bolivia, which some years ago was considered the poorest country on the planet.

    Formally, Ukrainians are still living just a little better than Africans, for one reason only – they still have their apartments and houses, most of which were built during the Soviet Union. It means that their residual of ownership is still bigger the African ones, but the current income of the majority of Ukrainians is already comparable with African’s. Moreover, some African countries (like that of Gabon) are significantly ahead of Ukraine in terms of GDP and income level.One more time, the lack of buyers for the Odessa port plant is very significant – no one, not even the most out-of-touch Western speculator-investors such as Soros, are not ready to buy Ukrainian assets even at bargain prices. Because tomorrow the power will change, and all transactions with the current illegal regime can be easily declared null and void. There are no more fools ready to engage with the Poroshenko regime.

    To save the remnants of the Ukrainian economy without nationalization and transition at least to the state capitalism of the Soviet model (with simultaneous reintegration of the structures of the CIS/EurAsEC) is simply impossible. And this current regime is not capable of doing this, so he is doomed, exactly as the Ukrainian economy and state institutions, which are swiftly finished off each day while Poroshenko-Turchinov-Parubiy-Avakov-Groisman remain in power.

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