Kiev Junta Arrests Relatives of LPR Resident After His Photo Was Uploaded To “Mirotvorets”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The statement of the Minister of State Security of the LPR Leonid Pasechnik:

“The Ukrainian Security Services continue to pursue a policy of the baseless detention of citizens residing on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, without being disgusted by, in this case, falsifying evidence, in order to incline these individuals to cooperate.

So, on 28th October 2016, at 23:38, Vodolazsky Aleksandr, who is a civilian and works as a mechanic at one of the service stations in the city of Lugansk, received a phone call from his wife Vodolazskaya Marina, who was going with her 8-year-old son in the Lugansk People’s Republic through the Ukrainian checkpoint “Melovoye” and the territory of the Russian Federation.

Vodolazskaya Marina reported that she had been detained and handed the phone to the employee of the Ukrainian Security Services, who threatened Marina with criminal prosecution for alleged drug smuggling, and also threatened to transfer the minor to an orphanage, insisted that Aleksandr came to get his family at the Melovoye checkpoint.

Currently, without drawing up any procedural documents, proving the alleged crime, they are being detained at the Melovoye checkpoint.

In the course of long phone negotiations, they managed to reach an agreement on the transfer of the child to the mother of the detained woman, who lives on the territory of Ukraine.

By their actions, the Ukrainian authorities and security services demonstrate a reluctance and inability to implement the agreements reached at the talks in Minsk.

The development of this situation is being monitored, and international human rights organizations, as well as the OSCE and the international Committee of the Red Cross, will be informed of this fact.

I draw the attention of those citizens of the Lugansk People’s Republic who are travelling to the territory of Ukraine to the possible provocations from the Ukrainian Security Services.”

In the video Aleksandr Vodolazsky – a regular citizen who is not a part of the Lugansk army, who can barely keep his emotions in check, explains how the Ukrainian secret services, during the phone conversation, insisted that he should cooperate with them against the LPR or they would imprison his wife for 8-12 years, and reminded him that his data was available for all to see on the notorious kill-list website “Mirotvorets”.

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