End of US Elections Gives Russia Green Light to Hit Jihadists in Syria Like Never Before

By Ollie Richardson

While the world’s eyes were focused on the changing of the guard in the USA, events in one of the oldest regions in the world, Syria, continued unimpeded. Whether it was “moderate” rebel shelling in West Aleppo, new offensives in Homs, or Russian helicopters cleaning up Latakia, the violence never stopped.

However, things in East Aleppo have been a little bit different. In order to maximise the visibility of the Wikileaks revelations regarding Clinton in the mass media, President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered a “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo, which involved all jets and missiles avoiding East Aleppo. In addition, Putin ensured that the media’s cameras, should they want to gaze away from the Trump/Clinton circus, could point their lens at the western-backed “moderate” rebels’ shelling of humanitarian corridors.

As if this wasn’t enough food for thought, Putin then dispatched Admiral Kuznetsov – Russia’s only aircraft carrier – and its friend Pyotr Veliky on a long voyage to the Mediterranean. The route chosen by the Kremlin was very deliberate, and ensured that the hull of the heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser would carve out multipolarity in the English Channel. The message was well received, and the UK was put back in its place – as the insecure rusty defunct imperialist bully that it is. After the Spanish refuelling charade, where NATO attempted to humiliate Russia, only for it to return to sender, Kuznetsov proceeded to Cyprus, and then to Syria, where it is currently anchored and drills are ongoing.

The naval group’s mission? To reinforce the message sent by the S-400: Anglo lawlessness will not pass. After more than 100 years of pillaging and plundering of the Middle East at the hands of shady crooks like Arthur Balfour and Allen Dulles, Russia has recovered from the Hitler/Yelstin/Gorbachev hit jobs and is now in a position to lay down the law…international law.

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Russia’s next move in Syria must be decisive, and must act as the final blow to the Obama war machine. Whilst the liberation of Palmyra was a magnificent feat, the liberation of Aleppo will be more significant than the operation to remove terrorists from Grozny. Never before has the CIA’s proxy warfare model had such potential to plunge not only an entire tectonic plate into darkness, but also the planet as a whole.

On the topic of Russia’s “final blow” to Obama’s “legacy”, StalkerZone asked Middle East expert and veteran war correspondent Elijah J. Magnier to offer his insight on what awaits the Jihadists in Aleppo:

“Russia gave rebels, Jihadists and civilians the time to leave the surrounded part of Aleppo, agreeing on unilateral cease-fire, offering several secure passages to these, separating civilians from militants.

They refused the Russian offer because they were supplied by weapons, as the U.S. has overtly said, and were planning a counter attack, thinking they are able, with several thousands of heavily armed militants, to break the siege and prove to their suppliers they are capable of holding against Russia, Damascus and allies.

It turned out that they have managed to occupy a small part of Aleppo, Dahyat al-Assad, but lost most strategic hills, the hay al-Nasr apartment 1070 and al-Hikma school. The Jihadists from Turkistan and rebranded al-Qaeda called this battle as “the epic mother of all battles”. Their fiasco attempt can be considered as a serious blow that is breaking their spin for all the killed militants left on the ground.

Russia stayed relatively on the side because Damascus and allies informed it that they can manage to face the attack. Moreover, Russia stayed relatively on the side so the Hillary Clinton campaign doesn’t use Aleppo against Russia and Trump. Also, Russia was waiting for its naval force to reach the coast of Syria to begin shelling the Jihadists and rebels line, since these refuse to split and rather stay and share the same destiny

I believe Russia will unleash hell on Jihadists and their allies behind the front line to break their attempt to attack and represent any danger against the SAA line, will allow Damascus forces to head toward ISIS in an attempt to stop Obama’s plan to divide Syria. Al-Bab also is a possible target since SAA is the closest to the city occupied by ISIS, even as the Turkish and their proxies forces are now at 7km from al-Bab.”

With only a matter of weeks left for Obama to “liberate” Mosul and Raqqa, he cannot afford to make any more errors, and that includes sending US troops to their graves. His policy thus far can be summarised as “shoot first, think later”, or in other words – business as usual for the “exceptional nation” era of the USA’s very short history. 

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