Aleksandr Rodgers vs Ukrainian “Patriot”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Once again I received an attempt to provoke me with the stupid question “Why don’t you, a traitor, love the Motherland” concerning the “independent” UkRuin…

Hehe. Now we will hit this little fool with his own weapon.

So, biographical information: Rogers Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, born June 6th, 1978, in the city of Vinnitsa, USSR.

USSR! Do you understand, you – the “thing” in the scarf? I am a Soviet person. And I love my Motherland, and I defend it, and I will not allow the pouring of dirt on it. And everything “independent” like you I consider as f*cking separatists, who must be executed in accordance with the most humane Soviet legislation.

And this “thing” that accuses me is also over the age of 25 – it also was born in the USSR. But it pours feces on its true Motherland, and considers itself as Ukrainian. Damn timeserver. And still continue to blather that I “don’t love my Motherland”.

This show-off boy, who has more rags than my wife, and which brags not about his personal achievements but about his inherited car, pours dirt on his country and its history, and not me.

And me – I amSovok and Vatnik. And proud of it.

My grandfathers, as was expected of them, fought. They were not sitting on caches, and didn’t guard the Nazi concentration camps, as those of some remnants did. One was an artilleryman, the second was an operative of the NKVD, he precisely caught most of these Nazi remnants in basements and caches.

My father also served in the special forces of the KGB of the USSR. And I also wanted to be a counterintelligence agent catching spies. But not in some miserable scraps called “Okraina-Ruina” but in the great and strong country, where there was no division on the national question and all Nazi inarticulate imbeciles didn’t head the Parliament, but were sat in prisons and asylums, where they belong.

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The USSR gave my family a free apartment and free education. Good quality universal education.

And Ruin [Ukraine – ed] didn’t give me anything. It only tried to strangle me with taxes. It, by the mouths of nationalist teachers, was telling me [in Ukrainian language – ed] “I don’t understand” when I answered in Russian at the University. Ruin tried to make from me a mindless zombie, Ruin doesn’t need my brain and talents. Ruin tried to rob me of my identity and history. Ruin was pouring dirt on everything that was near and dear to me.

I tried to save those factories that Poroshenko was dismantling. But he’s a “patriot”, and I’m a separatist. I shouted, “don’t be slaves”, while Poroshenko broadcasts “bend over and spread your legs, because otherwise the visa-free won’t fit”. And he is the “President” and me – a political emigrant. Slaves kiss his ass, but me – I am hated by them. This is the Ruin, and it is impossible to heal.

I studied at Ruin’s University for five years, and then after five years I worked with a miserable salary for the civil service in response. For a salary with which there is a “need to do nothing, and even do a little damage”. I don’t owe this State anything, it does not deserve to be loved or respected.

Ruin screamed “death to Moskals” in the back of my beautiful wife, who came to me from Samara. Ruin threatened to torture my two month old baby in front of me because I did not recognize their State coup. I will never forgive you for this, b*tches.

Ruin burned my friends in Odessa. You have no idea what it feels like when you learn about mass murder, while you have friends there, and they do not answer your calls for a few days and don’t appear on Skype (fortunately, my comrades survived, although they were injured).

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Ruin every day kills people in Donbass, and considers it not only permissible but correct. Ruin gives for war crimes and murders of civilians State awards and accolades, instead of execution and imprisonment.

Residents of Ruin dream of receiving the official status of colony, to consolidate their slave status legislatively. They are not Soviet people, they are not free people, they have nothing in common with my Motherland.

All these Baltic, Ukrainian, and other separatists, who pour dirt on our glorious past in order to plunder with impunity our Soviet heritage, are pathetic freaks and criminals.

For what reason should I, a Soviet person, support a nationalist ideology of neobanderists and separatism of “Independence”, which openly dreams of becoming an American colony?

Here there is only one betrayer, who eternally serves foreign masters (Polish, Austrian, Nazi, American), who glorifies Nazi lackeys and underlings in the guise of “heroes”, and those who fight on the side of the American occupiers.

I have never changed my viewpoint, and remain monogamous. I have only one Motherland – the USSR. And I don’t intend to exchange it for some scraps and limitrophe states.

Eat it up.

P. S. I know what the “patriots of Ruin” will tell me: the USSR fell apart, you can’t bring it back. And I will answer: Ukraine fell apart, you can’t bring it back.

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