SS Insignia as a Routine Scene on Ukrainian TV

By Ollie Richardson

Ukrainian TV channel TSN, owned by the 1+1 media group, published a very interesting video from the Donbass frontline in Svetlodarsk. Besides featuring the recurring “separatists attacked first” fantasy sob story that is parroted by every Ukrainian media outlet, the editor seemingly didn’t feel the need to delete a sequence of frames out of the 2 minute clip.

The frames in question can be seen at 1:49-1:52 in the video below. Thus, the narrative that it portrays is that it is the Schutzstaffel who are “liberating” Donbass, much like they did 75 years ago. Perhaps the “Normandy Format” would like to comment on this insignia – especially Ms Merkel, since Germany voted for the UN resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism. 

Zentralbild Die Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler" der SS-Verfügungstruppe, die für den persönlichen Schutz Adolf Hitlers verantwortlich ist. U.B.z: Um 12 Uhr ist die "Vergatterung". Der Führer vom Dienst prüft vorher den Wachanzug. Aufnahme vom 22.11.1938

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