Wasserman: Ukraine Minus Galicia Will Be Included in a New Southwestern Federal District In 2018

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The West will cease to support Ukraine next year, and already by 2018 part of the former Ukraine may be part of a new Southwestern federal district of the Russian Federation.

Such a forecast was made by the famous Russian publicist and political analyst Anatoly Wasserman during a meeting with readers.

“During 2017, the West’s support for terrorists in Ukraine will gradually stop, and I hope that already in 2018 a Southwestern federal district of the Russian Federation will be created.

And who will most likely not be included, it is Galicia – Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk and the Ternopil regions of Ukraine. Everything else most likely will enter,” he noted.

Wasserman warned that it is worth preparing for these processes already today, so that the surprise does not led to the inevitable, in such cases, chaos.

“Naturally, it will not happen by itself, certain active action will be needed.

If I had the opportunity to talk with the leadership of the already liberated from the terrorists territories, I would recommend them to already now tend to the formation of structures of mass mobilization and maximally accelerated military training, because the collapse of Ukraine will happen, most likely, unexpectedly, and spontaneously, there will be a need to establish as soon as possible in the territories in the process of being liberated not only a little bit of logical power, but also a power structure that this government can rely on,” said Wasserman.

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