5 Years Since the Announcement of the ATO: Churkin’s Speech at the UN Security Council on the Situation in Ukraine

On April 14th 2014 a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in the Southeast of Ukraine took place in New York. Russia became the initiator of its carrying out. After consultations in the UN, the decision to hold a meeting of the Security Council in an open format was made. It had a debatable character that did not assume the adoption of resolutions. The representative of the Russian Federation Vitaly Churkin urged the West, which at the time supported Maidan in Ukraine, to intervene in the situation and prevent the authorities in power from being violent.

“We are very concerned by the fact that the current president of Ukraine Turchynov declared the intention to use military force to suppress protests in the Southeast of Ukraine,” explained the Russian permanent representative at the world organisation Vitaly Churkin to journalists concerning the reason for the convocation of the emergency meeting in the UNSC.

“The international community should demand from its Maidan proteges to immediately stop the war with its people,” said Vitaly Churkin, speaking at the meeting.

“Some, including in this hall, persistently, without wishing to see the actual reasons for events in Ukraine, constantly look for the ‘hand of Moscow’ in events in the Southeast. Enough with this,” he said.

“Stop spreading tales that we accumulated armadas of military personnel on the border with this country ready in several hours to reach nearly the English Channel, that we sent hordes of agents who coordinate rallies of protesting residents of Ukraine,” said the diplomat.

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“The possibility of avoiding civil war in Ukraine depends on precisely the West,” noted Vitaly Churkin.

The representative of the US Samantha Power compared the events in the Southeast of Ukraine to what happened in Crimea. “This instability was prepared by Russia,” she said. Power assured that the US will support Ukraine financially so that it steps along the way of a “peaceful future”.

“On Monday we will complete the solution of the issue of allocating $1 billion to Ukraine in the form of credit guarantees. It will be favourable to all Ukrainian people,” she noted.

The representative of Great Britain again declared the existence of satellite pictures that allegedly confirm the existence of about 40,000 Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine. “Moscow should condemn the latest actions (in the East of Ukraine), and to do it officially,” he is sure.

“The government of Ukraine did everything to avoid confrontation,” said the representative of Ukraine Yury Sergeyev at a meeting of the UN Security Council. He reported that the authorities of the country are ready to consider the question of expand the powers of local authorities, which is demanded by protesters. Sergeyev assured that Ukraine has proof of the action of Russia’s special services on the territory of the country.

“We do not want to impose martial law,” reported Sergeyev. The authorities of Ukraine want to limit themselves to carrying out special operations. “We consider that the Security Council must find a peaceful settlement of the crisis,” he noted.

The representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin reminded that at 09:00 in Ukraine the term of the ultimatum delivered by the authorities to protesters in the East of the country expires. He took an interest in why the Ukrainian authorities did not consider those who threw with “Molotov cocktails” at the police on Maidan to be terrorists, but calls those who now protest in the East of the country terrorists.

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According to Churkin, the meeting of Russia, the US, the EU, and Ukraine planned for April 17th can be disrupted if Kiev uses force in the East of the country.

Vitaly Churkin suggested to the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden to call the acting president of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov as he called Viktor Yanukovych, and to call, like he also did in that case, not to use force against protesters.

The representative of the US Samantha Power in reply said that the United States constantly called for restraint and de-escalation.

Responding to the statement of the representative of Ukraine, Vitaly Churkin noted that Yury Sergeyev too easily calls his own people “bandits”, assuring that only bandits participate in meetings in the East of the country.

The situation in the Southeast of Ukraine became aggravated to the middle of April. In several large cities office buildings were occupied by protesters, who made the demand of the federalisation of Ukraine and the autonomy of regions. This happened, in particular, in Donetsk, Lugansk, and also in several regional centers, for example, in Slavyansk.

In the photo: the residents of Slavyansk pray on barricades during Palm Sunday

Miroslava Berdnik

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