51 French Associations Criticised Macron’s Anti-Protest Law and Demanded to Repeal It

Believing the anti-breaker law to be “unnecessary and even dangerous”, a group of 51 associations denounced an attack on the freedom to demonstrate. At a joint press conference on April 11th, the group called for it to be repealed.

A group of 51 associations, including the “Ligue des droits de l’homme” (LDH) and “Amnesty International”, called to repeal the anti-breaker law, which, among other things, made concealing one’s face during demonstrations a crime and entered into force on April 11th after having been partially censured.

“We have not achieved the right balance. We continue to believe that this law is unnecessary and even dangerous. […] Even if the freedom to demonstrate will remain formally, it will be subject to such restrictions that it will be emptied of its substance,” said Michel Tubiana, Honorary President of the LDH, during a press conference in Paris.

Adopted on March 12th in response to the violence during the mobilisations of the Yellow Vests, this law proposal from the right-wing makes, in particular, the voluntary concealment of “all or part” of the face a crime punishable by one year of imprisonment and a €15,000 fine.

Article 3, which allowed prefects to issue administrative prohibitions to demonstrate, was censured by the Constitutional Council.

Michel Tubiana, worried about the “vagueness” of the new crime created by the law while a new mobilisation of the Yellow Vests is being prepared for April 13th. “Imagine the interpretations it can give. Does a tear gas mask partially conceal the face?” he asked.

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Nicolas Krameyer of Amnesty International denounced the “law of circumstances” that risks “depriving demonstrators of peaceful protests”.

This group of 51 associations, which also include “SOS Racisme”, “Greenpeace”, and the “Syndicat de la magistrature”, calls to protest against the law on April 13th at 14:00 in Paris and other cities.

Present at the press conference, Sophie Tissier, a figure of the Yellow Vests, called to “join” the Parisian procession Saturday on the sidelines of Act 22 of the protest movement launched almost five months ago.

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