Verkhovna Rada TV Channel: “Europe Starts to Fall, and Russia Resisted”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The hopes of Ukraine for the West’s help were in vain. Russia has resisted under the pressure of sanctions, and on this the European Union, on the contrary, has begun to be scattered into pieces. The new American president Donald Trump can easily hand over Ukraine during negotiations with Vladimir Putin.

Such a forecast was voiced on the air of the parliamentary TV channel “Rada” by the Ukrainian political scientist-foreign affairs specialist Grigory Perepelitsa.

“The authorities hoped that the new U.S. President will arrive, will strengthen sanctions, will give us money, weapons, we will enter into the negotiation process with the U.S., and that Russia will fall sooner or later under the pressure of sanctions.

It turns out that Europe began to fall, not Russia, as a result of such a policy because the Russian electorate is mobilized … Russian society was monolithic, and in the European Union processes of corrosion and disintegration have begun. And we know what will happen if in France Le Pen comes to power – perhaps, France will raise the question of an exit from the EU, the eurozone, and NATO too. And then Europe will be scattered,” said Perepelitsa.

“In 2017 there will be such trends that, on the contrary, make the international community menacing for Ukraine, and international instruments will not be effective,” stated the Ukrainian expert.

“Ukraine means little to Trump. It is considered, first of all, as a problem, and not as an achievement. He can easily exchange the interests of Ukraine for the sake of global interests,” said Perepelitsa.

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