5th Column Hornet’s Nest in Ekaterinburg

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ekaterinburg has been captured by anti-Russian forces that pose a threat to the national security of the country, has become a hotbed of hatred towards our fatherland.

A large-scale festival called “Island of the 90’s”, which in Ekaterinburg was organized and conducted by the “Yeltsin Center”, has turned into a loud Russophobic scandal. So, St. George ribbon – the symbol of the victory of 1945 – on the eve of the anniversary of the defeat of fascism, the mayor of Ekaterinburg, Mr Roizman, previously widely known for his adventures with drug addicts, in the “Yeltsin centre”compared it with a handkerchief. “Give St. George ribbons on the street is as silly and absurd as distributing handkerchiefs,” he said.

During the discussion about Russian patriotism that took place in the Yeltsin center, the participants strongly held the thesis that there mustn’t be state patriotism. Moreover, patriotism was described as a “harmful and dangerous phenomenon, and the fatherland needs to be loved with the heart.”

Activist of NOD Maria Katasonova during the course of the event asked the assistants of Evgeny Roizman to clarify the statements made by him earlier. In particular, his assistant Igor Grom said in regards to the victims of May 2nd, 2014, in Odessa: “Good riddance to them”. Grom himself kept silent, but Evgeny Roizman demanded proof, and when he was asked to look at the screenshots of the records of Grom, he created a hysterical row. “You are either a moron or provocateur, but I’ll investigate,” said Roizman to Katasonova and her colleagues, adding that “patriots are mostly idiots”. But, how he’ll investigate them, we can only guess.

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Remember, the rogue power – Mayor of Ekaterinburg, Mr Roizman – previously called to return Crimea to Ukraine, and during elections he was funded by the billionaire Prokhorov.

Let’s remember who gathered at the opening of the Yeltsin centre in November 2015 : former President of Ukraine Kuchma, the dissident Makarevich, the head of ROSNANO Anatoly Chubais, Ksenia Sobchak, Alexei Venediktov – chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”, and the US Ambassador John Tefft. The Yeltsin Centre is in accordance with the Charter Fund, a non-profit organization. But the question arises – why was the building constructed using budget money and budget loans transferred to some fund, and somewhere this non-profit foundation plan to return billions of dollars in loans to the state. Maybe it will be saved by those 150 rubles, which were collected from schoolchildren in Ekaterinburg under pressure from the townhall of Ekaterinburg for visiting it and receiving liberal lessons of “European democracy”.

As for the support of Mr. Roizman and his assistant – Igor Grom – of mass murder of civilians in Odessa, their behaviour directly indicates the presence in their actions of signs of a criminal offence under article 280 and 282 of the criminal code, which gives grounds for their immediate removal from office.

How did a sports facility, tennis club named after Boris Yeltsin, for which originally the means for the Russian budget were allocated, become a center of anti-Russian propaganda? Maybe this question will be answered by the General Prosecutor’s office? Or this topic will be indefinitely closed by the inter-parliamentary Commission, which was promised by the leaders of the LDPR and the Communist party – gentlemen Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov? Because the creation of the Yeltsin Center was initiated by Dmitry Medvedev. Or everything will end up as pre-election self-PR of these gentlemen?

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The choice made by the citizens of Ekaterinburg in favour of Mr Roizman is a testimony of the political immaturity of a large part of the citizens of the city of Ekaterinburg and the huge influence of the US Consulate General on the population of this city. A similar situation may be repeated situation in the elections of 18th September 2016 to the state Duma and Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region. Citizens need to ask themselves a simple question – who financed the election of Mr. Roizman? Only Prokhorov? I don’t think so.

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